Let’s talk about sex! – SloMSIC Slovenia

Name of the activity: Let’s Talk About Sex!

Country/NMO: SloMSIC Slovenia

Program: Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: Continuous Activity

Category: Education

Focus area: Comprehensive Sexuality Education, LGBTQIA+ issues

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: GOAL 3: GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING

General description:

Let’s Talk About Sex is a project of The Maribor Medical Student’s Association, which primarily focuses on safe sex. Members carry out 90-minute workshops about safe sex for primary and high schools, developed under CSE and SCORA standards. We also carry out activities meant for students and general public, which includes a vaccination day against HPV, congresses and use of social media and infographics to inform general public about STD’s, contraception and LGBTQ+ community on weekly basis.

Problem statement:

Sexual education (CSE) is not an essential part of the corriculum in schools, so students don’t get the information about safe and healthy sex they require. On another hand there is still a considerably high stigma against HIV+ and LGBTQ+ community and the mindset of many Slovenians towards them can be seen on social media, as they are often critical and intolerant and it is estimated that members of LGBTQ+ community are nearly four times more likely to get assaulted than non-members.

Target groups:

General population, Medical students, Youth, LGBTQIA+ community


General population, Medical students, Youth, LGBTQIA+ community


1) Review our workshops by 1.1.2023 and improve them by incorporating the latest SCORA CSE techniques.
2) Deliver at least 10 CSE based workshops in the year 2023 for primary and high school pupils, reaching at least 400 participants.
3) Raise awareness among the public about HIV/AIDS with national campaign, held every 1st of December by posting at least 5 social media posts and sharing information on at least 5 stands all over Slovenia, reaching at least 20000 people.
4) Establish a closer collaboration with our sister projects from other NMOs in the form of a Youth Initiative on Reproductive Health, which will strive to unite sexual education techniques around the country.
5) Organize a motivational weekend by the end of Q2 2023 for at least 30 of our lecturers, where they will be given additional lessons on specific topics surrounding sexual and reproductive health, STIs, LGBTQ+ and more from our SCORA Xchange attendees and other lecturers.

Indicators of Success:

1) and 2) Our first two goals will be reached if we succesfully upgrade our workshops by the end of 2022 and conduct at least 10 of them by the end of 2023. Furthermore second goal will be reached if after the workshop 80% of the participants state that they learned something new and are more reliable in using contraception (condom).

3) Our third goal will be reached if during the campaign we reach at least 20 000 people on social media and distribute at least 5000 condoms and 200 informative brochures.

4) Fourth goal will be reached if we, together with our sister projects, cooperate at least once (campaign, congress, etc.) in the year 2023 and if we successfully unite sexual education techniques around the country

5) Fifth goal will be reached if we successfully organize the motivational weekend by the end of May 2023 with at least 30 people in attendance and with at least 3 different lecturers.


1) Our 10 CSE based workshops are non-formal peer to peer type of education conducted by our members, who are medical students and have been educated on CSE standards by SCORA X change attendees. Workshops cover the main topics like basic anatomy of reproductive organs, unwanted pregnancies, protection against STDs, safe sex and LGBTQ+ stigma. Our members create a safe sex positive atmosphere where everyone is free to ask questions.

2) For International day against AIDS on 1st of December, we will set up stands on major public places across the country, where we will hand out condoms, brochures and answer questions. Furthermore in the build up to the 1st December, we will intensively post infographics, made by our members, on social media platforms.

3) Throughout the year, our members are given chance to help and create infographics, which we use for various social media campaigns like for IDAHOBIT, endometriosis, HPV vaccination.

Plans for evaluation:

1) After every workshop questionnaires on acquired knowledge will be given to students/pupils and another one to the professors to evaluate their satisfaction.
2) The social media reach will be evaluated through FB Business Meta Suite and with comparison to the data from previous years.
3) On our motivational weekend we will organise a post-test evaluating knowledge on different topics, which will be successful if a score of at least 80% is reached.

External collaborations:

Our main external partner of the activity is Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia, which provides resources through an invitation to tender for the activities we do in the field of sexual and reproductive health. Our other source of financial resources include MSD and Kondomanija.si which provides us with condoms.

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