IX Multidisciplinary University Research and Service Camp (IX CUMIS 2018) – Colombia (ASCEMCOL)

Name of the activity: IX Multidisciplinary University Research and Service Camp (IX CUMIS 2018)

Country/NMO: Colombia (ASCEMCOL)

Program: Dignified & Non-Discriminatory Healthcare


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Research


General description:

It should be known, recognize respect ethno-medicine, which is based on the recognition of socio-cultural contexts of patients of minority ethnicity, allowing the practice of a comprehensive medicine that includes activities and procedures of traditional indigenous medicine.

The target group of research is the Sikuani indigenous population located in the Wacoyo, Iwiwi reservations. Waliane and Domo Planas and the Sisipiatu and Unuma indigenous settlements. To which will be addressed the research topics and subsequent interventions. The joint work of traditional doctors of each indigenous settlement and settlement has been established to know its diagnosis and formulation. In recognition of the authority and indigenous government, there have been rapprochements with captains and indigenous governor with whom an interactive process must be followed so that the research work is really motivated by the specific problems of the community and is applicable in the medium long term.

Focus area:

Vulnerable or marginalized populations | Indigenous populations

Problem statement:

During IX CUMIS 2018 Puerto Gaitán, nearly 70% of the population to intervene is indigenous of the Sikuani ethnic group, with the infant population being the most vulnerable. The Sikuani indigenous population has a different culture and traditions, they have an ancestral knowledge in traditional medicine, that the medical attention they receive today is unknown, the health personnel who attend them have not been trained or sensitized to understand interculturality.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target group to intervene is the rural population, which includes the indigenous reservations of Wacoyo, Iwiwi, Waliane and Domo Planas (approximately 5680 people).
The trails: Cristalinas, San Pedro, Puente Arimena, San Miguel and Porvenir (approximately 3930 people). Urban helmet Sisipiatu and Unuma indigenous settlements and neighborhoods (approximately 5700 people) For a total population of 15310.

Objectives and indicators of success:

• To sensitize medical students and doctors about the healthy coexistence and interaction of traditional medicine with allopathic medicine for the benefit of the patient. 100/100
• Achieve during the brigade the interaction of medical students and doctors with the traditional doctor. 70/100
• Identify the barriers that the target population has for accessing the health service. 100/100
• Carry out primary health care with the target population 70/100
• Process the information collected in medical care. 100/100
• Identify compliance with the vaccination scheme in the child population. 80/100
• Motivate the cumistas to investigate. 20/100
• Achieve synergy in multidisciplinary work. 50/100


During the development days of IX CUMIS.
• Maintain motivation in the OC team and logistics so that each assigned task is carried out effectively.
• Coordinate all entities, contractors and participants in the IX CUMIS so that everyone from their role has the opportunity to develop their activities with the minimum of inconvenience.
• Provide the Cumistas with specific information that resolves concerns that may manifest.
After finishing the IX CUMIS.
• Evaluate with the OC, the start-up of the IX CUMIS, detecting positive as negative actions.
• Prepare a report document which will be published on the website.
• Analyze the compliance of each proposed objective for the IX CUMIS.

Plans for evaluation:

The evaluation will be done verifying the fulfillment of the previously proposed indicators; There will be different approaches with health entities in the municipality where the results of the event will be evaluated in terms of intervention, such as the scientific material obtained.

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