It’s Not Drama – Brazil (IFMSA-Brazil)

Name of the activity: It’s Not Drama

Country/NMO: Brazil (IFMSA-Brazil)

Program: Mental Health


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

The growing rates of suicide shows the need of activities that encourage the discussion about the suicide. Medical professionals and students are the most susceptible groups due to all the adversities in the practice of the profession. The project aimed to disseminate information about the suicide through medical students, which were previously instructed. Among 350-400 people were directly affected by the intervention. Epidemiological data on suicide were shown. There was a Motivational Talks moment. More than 90% of the participants considered the event satisfactory and brought awareness to the population. It was considered beneficial for both the participants and the local population.

Focus area:

Mental Health among the general population

Problem statement:

Brazil has one of the highest numbers in death by suicide (BOTEGA, 2010). As known, Serra Talhada has an average suicide rate equivalent to twice the national average (DATASUS). Doctors commit more suicide than other professionals. This overload begins even in academic life (PINZÓN-AMADO, 2013). In addition, a positive response was observed when medical academics interact with patients who have suicidal ideation. This occurs when the students are given guidance on the subject (MAGALHÃES, 2013).

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target group was the people present in a square at the scheduled time for action. The target group was composed by young and older people. Everyone who passed by the square along the the event were directly impacted at least at the time of the “Hug Stop” – about 350 – 400 people. Participants also had Yoga Practice and the Motivational Talks – about 30 and 150 – 180 people, respectively. The students participating in the action (39) benefited both at the time of the training and in the as they experienced hugs and conversations and / or outbursts in the motivational talks, a fact that was reported by them as an extremely positive and moving experience.

Objectives and indicators of success:

The general objectives of the project was to raise awareness and awareness among the population about suicide and its factors. And for specific objectives, we can cite: increase the interaction between medical students themselves and with the population around them; Explain information for both students and the general population participating in the campaign on suicide epidemiology and its risk factors; Supporting the general population about the issue in question (suicide, depression) giving ways to deal with the situation; To promote an affective interaction between strangers ans students through the action of hugging; Strengthen the self-esteem of the participating;


There was a capacitation was at September 19, 2017, aproaching the aspect of suicide,also ways of sensitizing the target group and ways of dealing with possible individual outbreaks. The transfer took place on September 22, 2017, in a square with a high flow of people during the summer time. In this place was mounted a tent. In it yellow yellow balloons, flags, tables for cocktail, sound box, yellow reflectors. The people were divided with “Free Hugs” posters, aproaching sidewalks to the surroundings, showing epidemiological data on suicide to show the importance of the theme.

Plans for evaluation:

It was applied questionnaires to evaluate participants’ satisfaction in a general way after the campign was finished. It is estimated that between 350 and 400 people participated in the action,between 150 and 180 people entered the Wheel Talks and 30 in the practice of Yoga. To the participants, 57 answered the questionnaire of satisfaction, allowing the confirmation of the impact of the intervention. The questions were: whether the event had been effective in conveying knowledge about suicide, what was the level of prior knowledge about suicide, whether they had been interested in learning more about the subject and being able to pass it on to others in the community.

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