Standing Committee on Sexual And Reproductive Health and Rights Including HIV and AIDS IT​

Dear SCORAngels,

Can’t believe it’s that time of year again! One year ago, we were exactly where you are at the moment – going through the role descriptions, weighing on our past experiences, and reflecting on our passion for SRHR.

The past year serving as the SCORA Capacity Building Development Assistant and SCORA External Affairs Assistant has been one of the best years of our lives filled with countless challenges and personal growth. The things we learned and the skills we gained along the way were incomparable to anything that came our way before. On top of that – it gave us a home away from home. We got the chance to meet people who continued to inspire us and constantly leave us in awe of their knowledge and passion. Serving as SCORA IT members gave us a platform to advocate for the visions we believe in on an international level and provided us with eye-opening opportunities to see what happens outside of our world as medical students.

You might be doubting – is this for me? If you are passionate about making a difference in the world of SRHR, if you wish to make friends who are equally passionate about Global Health as you are, if you want to learn more about the matters that contribute to inequitable health outcomes in SRHR and how to combat them, 

We can guarantee that this is for you. Can’t wait to have you on the team!

Consensual Red hugs,

Mehek and Yahan, your SCORA D 23/24 and LRA 23/24

  • SCORA Database: here.
  • SCORA Regulations: here.
  • SCORA Strategy 2022-2025: here.
  • SCORA Capacity Building Regulations: here.
  • Mehek’s Candidature: here.
  • Yahan’s Candidature: here.
  • How to write an application: here.
Available positions

You will represent the best your region has to offer in our International Team! Most importantly, you will create a bridge between the NMOs in your region and the IT/PCs, coordinate regional SCORA events and bring SCORA to the members.
If you love the culture and identity of your region, and want the world to take note of the amazing initiatives which are founded there, we are looking for you!

Task description

  • Contribute to the implementation of the SCORA Director and the LRA’s Annual Working Plans in their respective regions.
  • Be responsible for planning, drafting, coordinating and following up on Sessions during Regional Meetings and regional sessions during General Assemblies.
    • Coordinate the sessions team or facilitators for the regional meeting, including the creation of the agenda and delivery of the sessions
  • Assist and coordinate the sessions team or facilitators during regional initiatives in their respective region (such as SRTs, workshops or other regional events), providing resources, support and guidance for a smooth event.
  • Assist with SCORA International Campaigns, Small Working Groups, manual and toolkit development and the international SCORA CB spaces.
  • Collaborate with the LRA on regional external affairs opportunities and referring new partnerships within their region.
  • Assist the LRA with collecting inputs from NORAs on external affairs (eg. policy) and refer external partners to specific NORAs to establish regional collaboration.
  • Assist NORAs with national policy making and run regional policy mentorship program.
  • Provide a link between their respective region and the SCORA Director and LRA, as well as actively and regularly checking the status of the work within the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights in SCORA-active NMO in their region.
  • Assessing the needs of the region together with the Regional Director and SCORA members to proactively fulfill said needs and work on regional priorities.
  • Disseminating SCORA relevant documents like the database, opportunities and calls to members in the region for both internal and external opportunities.
  • Work with General Assistant on activating new NMOs in their region, as well as following up on the SCORA activation status of the active NMOs.
  • Collaborate with the SCORA Capacity Building Development Assistant and Capacity Building Regional Assistant for capacity building events held in the region and in the proposal & coordination of pre-RM workshops.
  • Report and assist in solving any SCORA-related problems within their region.
  • Promote and encourage regional initiatives and support regional and  trans-regional collaborations, together with the Members Engagement Development Assistant.
  • Assisting NMOs in enrolling and reporting their activities in IFMSA programs and ensure proper alignment with the Program Coordinators.

Selection criteria

  • Must have sufficient understanding of the SCORA regulations, SCORA strategy, (SCORA) regional priorities and IFMSA global priorities.
  • Should have at least one year of experience in SCORA, having been involved at the local, national or international level.
  • Availability to attend Regional Meeting (mandatory).
  • Availability to attend General Assemblies (recommended).
  • Should have attended at least one IFMSA International Meeting (Regional Meeting or General Assembly).
  • Should have good facilitation skills and have facilitated at least one SCORA related session previously, either on the local, national or international level.
  • Should be available and accessible to SCORA members and NORAs in their respective region to answer questions and assist them where possible.

Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace IT​

Dear Human Rights Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the place where we care about treating people right and making the world better! If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a spot that fits you – a place where you feel like you belong and where you can help change things. Well, guess what? Today is your lucky day! The SCORP International Team wants YOU.

We want your passion, your excitement, your curiosity, your eagerness to learn, and your dreams of making the world better, as all of this forms our driving force, a force that pushes us to think bigger, try harder, and never give up on the belief that we can make a difference.

I don’t want this to seem cliché, but please if you think that you are motivated and ready to be part of this, Don’t hesitate! Dive in with energy and passion because this is the chance to take this journey together and create some real positive change.

Towards a year full of fun, great work, and positive change!

Enas Amr, your SCORP D 23/24

  • Regulations of the Standing Committee on Human Rights & Peace: here.
  • SCORP Capacity Building Regulations: here.
  • SCORP Strategy 22-25: here.
  • SCORP Focus Areas: here.
  • SCORP Director Elect Candidature: here.
  • LRP Elect Candidature: here.


Available positions

Are you ready to be the voice that resonates with the world, amplifying the message of human rights advocacy? As the SCORP Public Relations and Communication Assistant, you’ll wield the power of words and visuals to bring our mission to life. If you’re an artistic soul with a flair for communication, get ready to craft narratives that inspire change and spark connections!

Task Description: 

  • Provide help to SCORP Camp and GoSCORP OCs in regards to the promotion of these events.
  • Publish the SCORP Insights and infographics as well as other publications and communication means.
  • Act as a liaison to the Public Relations and Communications IT.
  • Follow up on the usage of the IFMSA Corporate Identity in the various SCORP publications, and ensure that data collection efforts are aligned with the IFMSA privacy policy.
  • Support the SCORP-D, the LRP, as well as International Team members in public relations related issues.
  • Creation of SCORP Hub after exploring its possibilities. 
  • Leading the training of SCORP campaigns SWGs on campaigning in coordination with the CBA.
  • Supporting the RAs in their regional campaigns whenever needed.
  • Creating SCORP’s biannual newsletter showcasing NMOs’ impact and human rights topics.
  • Creating the term’s identity including templates, forms, email style ..etc to unify our professional look.
  • Coordinating the SWG on the “NMOs Journal”.
  • This task description is subject to change by the SCORP Director depending on the needs arising throughout the term.

Selection Criteria:

  • High motivation and willingness to invest time and energy into the work and the team;
  • Being a creative artistic person.
  • Knowledge on IFMSA’s Privacy Policy (GDPR) and also on IFMSA’s Corporate Identity.
  • Incorporating a human rights-based approach into all aspects.
  • High knowledge of the SCORP regulations, SCORP Strategy, Global Priorities as well as IFMSA constitution and bylaws.
  • Experience in developing promotional materials using specialized programs (Canva, Adobe Package etc).
  • Knowledge about social media channels management.
  • Availability to attend General Assemblies and SCORP-related event.