Istanbul was a center for discussion of medical education between 12-15 of April!!

Accreditation as an instrument for quality Assurance in Medical Education


From April 12-13th  the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Medical Education Programs, Turkey (TEDPAD) organized a Conference – Workshop with the title of “Accreditation as an instrument for quality assurance in Medical Education”.

The Conference – Workshop was focussed on the improvement of medical education by the certification of the suitability of medical education programmes and of the competence of medical schools in the delivery of medical education.

During the workshop, IFMSA voiced the importance of student involvement in processes of accreditation.

Various other topics were adressed during the meeting such as, such as “Maintaining standards of quality as medical schools numbers grow” or “How to decide how many medical students?”. They can be accessed through following link:

Another highlight of the conference was the future involvement of TurkMSIC in the national accreditation agency. IFMSA congratulates both TEPDAD and TurkMSIC for this future cooperation.


WFME Executive Council Meeting


After this fruitful conference, the WFME Executive Council met from April 14th -15th, also in Istanbul, to discuss the actions of the Federation for the next year.

During this meeting, IFMSA was included in the WFME Constitution as the official student representative inside WFME, also gaining voting rights as well.

The WFME Executive Council also decided to endorse the IFMSA exchange programmes, as it is stated in the WFME Official page ( IFMSA is deeply thankful for this endorsement and we commit to continue the improvement of our exchanges.

IFMSA also requested the creation of a common strategy on Medical Education that unites Government, Non-Governmental and Academic organizations, in order to have a bigger impact in the education of healthcare professionals. IFMSA highlighted the importance to address learning conditions of medical students and to collect evidence about the learning enviroments (e.g. existance of bullying in healthcare education institutions).

IFMSA committed once again to be one of the major players in advocating for the need to quality assurance mechanisms at national level.. We also underlined the importance of students involvement in those agencies, not in a tokenistic perspective but through meaningful involvement, taking their perspective into consideration in order to improve medical education at the local, national and global level.

IFMSA is very thankful for the invitation to participate in the conference by WFME and TEPDAD, the support the students of TurkMSIC during those 4 days and all the fruitful collaborations and discussions with the WFME about the future of Medical Education!


Agostinho Moreira de Sousa

Liaison Officer for Medical Education issues

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