International Women’s Day

The 8th of March every year is International Women’s day. This day is celebrated worldwide, and as a representative of great group worldwide – medical students – IFMSA always takes part in celebrating this day. The celebrations are in forms of awareness campaigns about Women’s rights, Public celebrations on ground or even showing gratitude to women in our lives. Through the following article I am presenting some of celebrations worldwide held by IFMSA members.

Africa – Malawi – UMMSA (University of Malawi Medical Students’ Association):  They made a video interviewing people about women rights. The video also was targeting youth empowering them to take an action to issues affecting women and girls.

South America – Venezuela – FEVESOCEM: Their campaign was under the name of (You deserve better). This aimed to introduce women and girls to their rights and showing gratitude to all the effort they put in the community.

Middle east & North Africa – Morocco – IFMSA-Morocco: They held an amazing campaign that was divided into four phases; flower sale, a conference introducing civil actions towards women empowerment, self-defense classes to interested participants and finally a fashion show aiming to value the women in the society.

Europe – Hungary – HuMSIRC: they wanted to bust the myth that abuse is the woman’s fault. With their lecturers, talks and rape/assault survivors’ clothes exhibition they hope that they could change public opinion.

Thank you for all the efforts worldwide. If you have a GBV activity that you want to share with your IFMSA friends and all medical students, don’t hesitate to enroll it under IFMSA GBV program. If you need any help or you have any questions contact me at [email protected].

Ahmed Mohamed SalehProgram Coordinator on Gender-Based Violence

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