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Here you can get ideas on activities to do and also find out more about the activities done by medical students from all over the world. You can also see the activities we have prepared for you: Video Activity, Peace Picture, Profile Picture, and many others.

And lastly this is the place for you see the articles and poems submitted by you!

We are also preparing some regional activities, which you can find in the tab next to this one.



The SCORP International Team 2016/17 prepared a Farewell video with a message for SCORPions across the globe. Check it out!



This activity consist of gathering videos from members where they say this year’s IPD Theme Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All in their own native language, whether individually or in groups.

How to film

   – A cell phone is fine, of course the better quality the better (preferably HD)

   – Film in landscape to get the wide range of the camera (meaning that if you’re using a phone, hold it horizontally, not vertically)

   – Find a silent place

  – Film in a way with which the people to be filmed feel comfortable (distance, focus etc)

   – After the filming, let the people filmed watch and approve the video

Instructions for submission

Send your video with the following information:

  • NMO and Country
  • Name of the language
  • Name of people participating

If it’s a big number of people, the name of the conductor and and organization (as in LC or University)

   – Submit the video by sending your contribution to [email protected]

   – Deadline to submit the video: 16th September, 23:59 GMT


Peace Picture

With the intention of making an unforgettable event for the International Peace Day, we decided to design an activity that welcomes and unites people of different countries around the world. The idea is to show through pictures that peace is an international concept, that involves all of us. Peace is when unites us and what unites us, despite the diversity. This International Peace Day, IFMSA SCORP brings to you an online picture campaign as a part of the IPD 17 campaign, inviting pictures from SCORPions and IFMSA members all around the world. We aim to spread the message of unity, embracing our differences for Peace.

Instructions for Submission

Send us a picture of yours and/or anyone, holding a placard with the word ‘Peace’ written in your Native language.

Want to be more creative? You can send us a picture with ‘Peace’ written in your Native language as follows:

  • written on your body
  • written in the background (a wall, screen, etc.)
  • written on the beach sand


  • any new ideas of yours to experiment with your creativity

The central idea or prerequisite is a picture with the word ‘Peace’ written in your native language!

We’re waiting to see your pictures and your creativity.

Send it to [email protected] until 16th September, 2017 23:59 GMT.

Awaiting your PIECE for PEACE 🙂


Article & Poem Submission

Dear Peacemakers,

Pacify your soul by writing your PIECE for PEACE in the form of an article or a poem to satiate the inner writer or poet in you.

As SCORPions, at IFMSA, towards our vision and mission to spread peace, we feel ecstatic to invite articles and poems from you.

You just need your love for writing to begin with and a dream or wish to see a peaceful world, the rest will flow through your pen.

What can I write about?

You can write an article or poem that relates to or covers ‘Peace’ in any way; be it the current situation, peace disruption, your idea of peace, youth for peace, peacemaking or peacebuilding, anything and everything you can think of involving ‘Peace’. Make sure to write up to 500 words!

We’re waiting to see your submissions, your love and passion for ‘Peace’ 🙂

Send your submission until 16th September, 2017 23:59 GMT to [email protected].

You can find the submissions here.


Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools we can use to spread a message and raise awareness. Here’s how you can use your social media pages and join the campaign.
Change your Profile Picture to add the frame our Small Working Group has created. To do so, please visit this link.
Share our infographics to help raise awareness. Find them here via this link.


Peace Stories

We also developed Peace Stories of some topics we would like to share with you regarding Peace and action that is carried out around the world on peacebuilding. Check them below:

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