Name of the activity: IMCC TAMIDA

Country/NMO: Denmark (IMCC)

Program: Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Type of the activity: Education. Education on health issues for specific societal groups, either in the form of projects (set of tasks for a certain group over a fixed period of time), events (something notable that happens) or conferences (form meeting about ideas related to a particular topic, usually over several days).

General description:

The partnership was established in 2011 at the IFMSA March Meeting, when TAMSA delegates approached IMCC with the intention of making a project on SRHR. The focus of the pilot project was to establish a peer education program focusing on SRHR education in Tanzanian secondary schools. The project was conducted in eight schools in Pwani region (close to Dar es Salaam). By training 120 Medical students in Tanzania, the project reached as many as 2400 secondary school students. The aim was to improve SRHR among youth in Tanzania through capacity building in TAMIDA.

Focus area:

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Problem statement:

To improve the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) among youths in Tanzania. The aim was to improve SRHR among youth in Tanzania through capacity building in TAMIDA. With experience gained from this, TAMIDA conducted a two-year partnership project in June 2014 which ended July 2016. The focus was on secondary schools in Dar es Salaam, as we saw the need for SRHR education.

Target groups:

General population, Children, Youth, Women


General population, Children, Youth, Women

Objectives and indicators of success:

– Objective of the upcoming preparatory study is to create the best foundation for our next project. The indicator for this is to agree upon the objectives for the next project.

– The main objective for TAMIDA in generel is bring about change for children and youth of Tanzania and teach them comprehensive SRHR. The main indicator for this is to see a decrease og STI’s in Tanzania among children and youth. A short term indicator is to expand out project to multiple locations and spread the message of the work of TAMIDA. As well it is an indicator to affect potential stakeholders to spread out message.


By conducting interviews with relevant stakeholders (e.g. NGO´s , politicians and the targetgroup). The information gained frome here will be discussed and analyzed with different approaches and theories with both the danish and the tanzanian group.

Plans for evaluation:

Previously TAMIDA has evaluated the effect of our Sexual education programme through qualitative and quantitative studies. Before hand we will send out a questionnaire to answer which as well will be send out to the student’s when the programme is coming to and end. By doing so we will be able to track either increase og decrease in knowledge. Furthermore qualitative interviews will be conducted to ensure that the volunteer peers teaching the students will gain capacity and that they will find out programme relevant for the students.

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