III Mother-Child Workshop – Colombia (ASCEMCOL)

Name of the activity: III Mother-Child Workshop

Country/NMO: Colombia (ASCEMCOL)

Program: Maternal Health & Access to Safe Abortion


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop)


General description:

The third maternal and child workshop is an academic event where they intend to present relevant topics in the area of ​​gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics. It will take place in the auditorium “Pompeyo Molina” at the main campus of the University of Sucre, which has a capacity of approximately 200 people and has audiovisual media such as Video Beam, microphone and speakers. Students will participate and delegates, subdelegates and medical students from other universities of the Caribbean region and Colombia will also be received. The event will have no registration fee, so that all students or doctors interested in expanding or strengthening their knowledge of mother and child medicine can attend. Among the talks, it is also intended to provide refreshments to attendees in the afternoon hours.

Focus area:

Maternal Healthcare Services (antenatal, antepartum and postpartum care)

Problem statement:

According to data from the ministry of health: the direct causes of maternal mortality in Colombia have remained static in the last decade. In patients there may be multiple risk factors that must be identified and treated from the preconceptional consultation, as a strategy of promotion and prevention of health not only of the mother but also of her offspring; since the component that contributes the most in infantile fetal mortality.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The activity will involve general practitioners and specialists who will interact with medical students. The long-term beneficiaries of the activity are the patients who will receive care from doctors who are currently in the process of training.

Objectives and indicators of success:

-Address the problems of frequent consultations in the area of obstetrics and gynecology, which will measure its impact with the number of attendees

-Socialize the updated guides on the different pathologies prevalent in childhood and pregnancy, which will measure its impact with a test at the end of each review

-Analyze the management of the pregnant woman and the pediatric patient, which will measure its impact with a workshop of pharmacological and clinical analysis of the proposed topics


Being a workshop, the idea of the event is the interaction and intervention of the public, for it is intended to conduct a series of conferences divided into two days, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, the first will focus on issues of gynecology and obstetrics and the second in pediatric subjects. Each will have an approximate duration of 40 minutes and will be dictated by obstetrician gynecologists, pediatricians or general practitioners depending on the dimension of the subject. Trivia will be formulated at the end of each conference and an incentive will be given to the person from the audience who responds correctly. Once finished each day there will be an open space for questions and debates with the speakers.

Plans for evaluation:

The impact of the activity will be measured from different points of view, it will be done with the actual number of attendees, as well as the constancy of them. Respect for the time allotted for the conference and the relevance of the concepts covered for the professional practice will also be taken into account. A qualitative estimate of the degree of learning, its performance in the trivia and the interaction will be made through the debate or the formulation of questions.

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