IFMSA Universal Health Coverage Activities Map

The IFMSA has released its new UHC activities map, scaling the efforts of over 1.3 million medical students around the world to achieve health for all as part of its international campaign on UHC. This campaign comes around World UHC Day, celebrated annually on December the 12th.

This activity map aggregates the efforts of National Member Organizations in advocating for UHC over the years. As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic we need to imagine health systems where all individuals have access to quality healthcare, without leaving anyone behind, we need Universal health Coverage. 

Many thanks and congratulations to all those who have worked towards this goal especially now, as this is when health systems can step back to step up and prioritize health for all. Without any ado, here are some notable mentions for this year:

  • Universal Health Coverage by IFMSA Egypt
  • A Review into Malaysia’s Health System (IGTV Series) by SMMAMS Malaysia
  • UHC Day Campaign by LeMSIC Lebanon


This is not all that is to see. Here is the activities map where you can get a learn more about the inspiring activities held for all around the globe addressing UHC:

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