IFMSA named Honorary Sponsor to the WDoMS

We are excited to announce that IFMSA has assumed the role of an Honorary Sponsor to the World Directory of Medical Schools, a database, which is managed jointly by WFME and FAIMER.

The World Directory is used by medical regulatory authorities to verify the existence of medical schools and the qualifications of their graduates. It is also a source of information for both current and prospective medical students, which is why the student point of view is of great importance to all the involved organisations. As IFMSA, we have been committed to the project for many years and have been instrumental in the efforts to keep the database up to date, aiming to be even more involved in the future.

At the moment, IFMSA is also collaborating with WFME through full-time IFMSA interns in the WFME office in Ferney-Voltaire, whose task is to actively seek for new information and contacts that could be helpful in ensuring that the World Directory holds the most current and reliable data possible.

IFMSA also takes part in the Senior Advisory Committee meetings and therefore has a direct impact on how the World Directory functions and what strategies need to be put in place to maintain the World Directory as a useful tool for all stakeholders.

IFMSA would like to thank WFME and FAIMER for this opportunity and applaud them for taking significant action towards meaningful student engagement.


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