IFMSA @ Habitat III: “We decide the future of cities together!”

Habitat III was a huge event that showcased efforts done worldwide to improve development of our cities. In a world where urban areas grow faster and faster, it is an important moment in history for proposing, sharing and acting regarding these topics.

The event also provided an open space for youth to share their ideas, doubts, concerns and even proposals regarding different urban development topics. There were several health-related sessions that we were able to attend. For example, one session was about the WHO Urban Health Initiatives; it tracked urban policies implementation and their consequences for health risk and gains. It is really important that medical students have access to this kind of events, to advocate for their needs and state their point of view.

Part of the IFMSA Delegation to Habitat III. From left to right: Andrea, Pablo and Maria-Jose.

IFMSA had several opportunities to actively participate by facilitating discussions during side events, coordinating the health sessions during the Children and Youth Assembly, speaking at roundtables and of course asking questions and contributing to various discussions. A member of AEMPPI-Ecuador had the chance to address the plenary on behalf of the children and youth constituency.

AEMPPI-Ecuador member Maria-Jose speaking at the plenary.

This UN event provided us an opportunity to get new ideas and learn about the initiatives of other international organizations that are working hard to create better and healthier cities. It was an honor to be part of the IFMSA delegation, and I am sure that we will have great outcomes from the attended sessions.

Pablo Estrella Porter.


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