IFMSA Global Surgery Day

Welcome to IFMSA’s Global Surgery Day 2015!

Why surgery?
Surgery has long been a neglected part of primary health care; it has been mistakenly considered too expensive to be incorporated into the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), but research has shown that surgery is in fact more cost – effective than several other widespread health initiatives, including campaigns against malaria and HIV/AIDS. There is a dire need to work towards an equitable distribution of surgeons and surgical resources across the globe, such that access to safe surgery anesthesia becomes accessible to everyone as a basic human right.

Why now?
This year has been a momentous one in the field of surgery and anaesthesia care. With the launch of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery last month, the burden of surgically preventable diseases  we now know as many as 5 billion people don’t have access to safe and affordable surgical care and as many as 143 million more procedures are needed annually to make up for this deficit. What is more, surgery has been shown to be affordable, to save lives and to promotes economic growth.

The 68th World Health Assembly in Geneva adopted a resolution ‘Strengthening emergency and essential surgical care and anaesthesia as a component of universal health coverage’ on 22nd May. it marks the start of a new era of surgical inclusion in the Global Health sphere, and marks the start of a long road to ensuring adequate surgical cover to people in all parts of the world. The IFMSA work was appreciated during several side meetings with the stakeholders with WHO GIEESC (our official partner), G4Alliance, The Lancet Global Commission, UNFPA, Fistula Foundation, Zonta International, SICOT, ICS/SIC and many others, included member states from Zambia to US, who congratulated with us.

Why us?
As the surgeons of 2030, we in the IFMSA have been campaigning across the world for Surgery and Anaesthesia for Everyone #SAFE, including campaigns, toolkits, training sessions and research projects. Coming together from our different cultures, health systems and educational backgrounds, we not only learn from each other but are working together to better understand this newly quantified health burden.

What now?
To support this moment when we need health advocates worldwide to be talking about  Surgery, you can be part of this moment, shaping the future of the Global Surgery paradigm. Join our online campaign for Global Surgery Day by following this link: and become a part of the change leading towards easy and affordable access to Surgery and Anesthesia For Everyone. #SAFE

On social media, you are invited to use: #GlobalSurgeryDay #globalsurgery #healthsystems #SAFE

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