IFMSA Efforts at WHO Regional Committee Sessions 2023

Amplifying Youth Voices: IFMSA’s Advocacy Efforts at WHO Regional Committee Sessions

We are thrilled to share with you the third Summarized Report of our collective endeavors at the WHO Regional Committee Sessions over the past year. As we align our advocacy with the general work of WHO and their Regional Offices, it is with immense pride that I present this comprehensive report, a testament to the dedication and tireless efforts of our Regional Directors, delegations, and the entire IFMSA community.


Throughout the year, IFMSA demonstrated unwavering commitment by actively participating in all six WHO Regional Committee Sessions. These delegations, led by our Regional Directors, worked diligently to represent the diverse voices and perspectives of our members on the global stage. The culmination of their efforts is encapsulated in this report. 


The Summarized Report offers valuable insights into the discussions and outcomes of the sessions, shedding light on the pivotal role played by IFMSA delegates in shaping the discourse on critical health issues and sharing the youth perspective. It not only highlights the achievements of the past year but should also serve as a roadmap for our future endeavors, providing invaluable input for IFMSA’s engagement in upcoming WHO high-level meetings.


We thank all the Regional Directors, delegations, and other involved members for their dedication and hard work during these events. It is through your collective efforts that we are able to continue to amplify the voices of youth and advocate for transformative and sustainable change in global health policies.


We encourage each of you to delve into the report, explore its contents, and reflect on the impact of our collective advocacy efforts. Your feedback and questions are invaluable as we strive to further enhance our advocacy initiatives and drive meaningful change in the global health landscape.

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