IFMSA at the Global Youth Forum December 4th – 6th


700 youth representatives are gathered from all over the world in Bali to discuss their recommendations for the future beyond the ICPD 2014 (International Conference on Populations and Development). The youth recommendations on the five issues:  1) Staying healthy 2) Comprehensive education 3) Transitions to decent employment for youth 4) Families, youth rights and sexuality and 5) Fully inclusive civic participation. The recommendations gathered in the Bali Declaration will be presented by the UN SecGen at the UN GA.

We are four representatives from IFMSA here;

– Joško Miše (Liaison Officer on Reproductive Health issues and AIDS)

– Anna Roe Rasmussen (IMCC Denmark)

– Marija Delaš (CroMSIC Croatia)

– Johanne Helene Iversen (NMSA Norway)

Today we had the opening ceremony with a key note speech from Dr. Babatunde Osotimehim, Executive Director, UNFPA and several other key note speakers.

After that we had the plenary discussion on Staying Healthy with among others the Indonesian Minister of Health and Meredith Waters, youth representative from Advocates for Youth, who gave an inspirational speech about gender equality.

The 700 youth delegates divided into several smaller workshops for World Cafe sessions on Staying Healthy. Participants of each workshop had to agree on three key recommendations, which the Global Youth Forum Steering Committee joined into five key recommendations on:

1) Data collection: Calls for focus in collecting, analysing, using and disseminating periodic, reliable, qualitative and quantitative output and outcome oriented youth health data.

2) Enabling environments: Calls for creations of environments in ensuring young people have access to comprehensive health services that are free from any type of discrimination and stigma and for government to address harmful traditional practices such female genital mutilation and forced circumcision

3) Education: Calls for non discriminatory, non judgemental, right-based, age-appropriate, gender sensitive health education including youth friendly evidence based comprehensive sexual education.

4) Access to Health Services: Governments must provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services that include safe and legal abortions, maternity care, contraception, HIV and STI prevention, care and treatment to all young people.

5) Law and policies: Calls for youth involvement in decision making processes and for governments to support access to legal and safe abortions; Governments should implement legal frameworks, that protect promote and fulfil SRHR, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Tomorrow the full text on the recommendations on Staying Healthy and Comprehensive Education issues will be available online. We will send you the link and an update from the IFMSA delegation.

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Best from sunny Bali!

Anna and Joško,

on behalf of IFMSA delegation to the Global Youth Forum

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