IFMSA at the 154th WHO Executive Board Meeting

The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) is once again at the heart of global health dialogues, participating in the 154th WHO Executive Board (EB) meeting. This gathering, attended by Member States and various civil society organisations, is a testament to our ongoing commitment to ensuring that the voices of medical students and young health professionals are heard in the highest levels of global health policy-making.


Our Mission

At IFMSA, we stand for the active involvement of youth in shaping the future of healthcare worldwide. Our presence at the EB meeting highlights our dedication to advocating for accessible and equitable health services, robust responses to health emergencies, and a unified approach to tackling non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and social determinant of health, We are also pushing for the recognition of the intertwined nature of health with environmental issues, emphasising the urgent need to address climate change and pollution as significant health threats. 



Throughout the EB meeting, the IFMSA delegation has been vocal in addressing a wide array of health challenges. From advocating for Universal Health Coverage to ensure that every individual has access to the health services they need, to emphasising the critical nature of global health emergency preparedness and response mechanisms, our voice is resolute and clear. We’ve highlighted the global commitments to reducing the impact of NCDs and stressed the importance of engaging with non-state actors to forge stronger partnerships for health. We have a number of individual and constituency statements on the following agenda items: 


Constituency Statements:


Individual Statements:

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