IFMSA arrives to Bonn (UNFCCC intersessional meeting)

The first day of of the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Bonn has started.
From the expected five delegates for IFMSA we are unfortunatly just three. Sophia (Germany), Maria (Spain) and Corinna (Germany). After we organised ourself a little bit, we decided, that it is best to split up and try to first figure out, where we can approach this meeting.
Slowly started the first day. All sessions started late and there were just the two main meetings from SBI and SBSTA.So far most interventions and meetings are about introduction. Introduction to the other Groups joining YOUNGO, Introduction of the different Intergovermental groups as SBSTA, Introduction of recent achievements made by each country, Introduction into the work that has to be done for the work on artikel 6 of the UNFCCC.
So far the atmosphere is relaxed. People are happy to see each other again, congratulations for the work done are shared, hopes for good discussions in the next days expressed, slowly focus point move into the middle of attention. The SBSTA focuses on adaption processes mainly in the field of agriculture, and REDD ( Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). But most points are send into extra discussions groups.
Same happened for the further work on articel 6 of UNFCCC.
Even so everyone is excited about the work which was done recently, I am surprised that health is not mentioned with one word. No one refers in its intervention to the fact that people are dying due to the climate change, that the health impact is increasing especially in least developed countries and small island countries. I expected them to underline the fact that their inhabitants are in great risk of harm due to climate change. But everyone is quite.
Maybe it is to early in this meeting? at least that is what a delegate from Dominic Republik told me, when I asked him. Yes it plays a big role and everyone is aware of that. But we are just in the beginning of the progress and they all have it in mind.
We will see and hope that he is right, but we have the next days to figure out, what awareness is there for the impacts of climate change as well as the eagerness to actually tackle this point. We might influence these points


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