IFMSA and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Dear members of IFMSA

November 6th the United Nations and the Turkish Ministry of
Development with support from UNDP and UNECE hosted a civil society
consultation with the aim of providing inputs to the post2015 agenda
from the European and Central Asian region.

Different NGOs from almost all countries of the region where
represented including IFMSA with Ljiljana Lukic from Croatia and Anna
Rasmussen from Denmark.


The MDGs are the most famous UN framework and they have been very
successful, but we are seeing massive inequality within in countries
and many goals are lacking behind. The UN General Assembly in
September 2013 agreed to work towards a single framework, where the
SDGs and the post2015 goals are integrated. Many good areas are
covered in this outcome documents, but we need to ensure governments
are committed and are held accountable.

The IFMSA is advocating for Universal Health Care Coverage and the
implementation of health in many areas such climate change,
sustainable consumption and production and green cities.


The two photos, where you can see IFMSA presenting the
outcome of the joint working groups on Health and Social Protection
and on Climate Change, Sustainable Consumption and Production and
Green Cities. All outcome statements were presented as an introduction
to the Government Consultation on the Post 2015 development agenda,
November 7th-8th. The process has been very inclusive and open so we
are hoping the next two days will be equally productive.The joint
statements will be shared on the UN webpage after this meeting.

We have had frequent meetings with the other youth groups represented
here under the Major Group on Children and Youth. This collaboration
has been very successful and we are hoping to deliver a joint
statement on meaningful youth participation over the next days.

If you want to follow us please go to twitter #istanbulpost2015 @anna_roe

You can find the out come document from the UN General Assembly 2013
here (
To read more about the conference please visit the website ( )

Kind regards, Ljiljana and Anna

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