IFMSA 62nd General Assembly August Meeting

Once again, medical students from the whole World sit together for one more IMFSA General Assembly. Santiago de Chile is the venue, and lots of work has already been done in this promising 62nd August Meeting. “Reform” is the key word for the next 6 days, and it is amazing to witness the motivation spirit within this GA. Change can, and will, happen!

Welcoming day started with a First Plenary Session at the amazing Universidad Catolica. Delegations sat together, role calls were back, motions were being submitted, reports presented, and ideas discussed. The General Assembly had started!Image

An official opening gala took place later in the evening. In an amazing scenario and warming environment, all delegation had the opportunity to get to know each other, whilst tasting a perfectly prepared dinner.

We had the privilege to hear Minister of Health of Chile talking about what is it to be a physician, and what should be our main worries, concerns and priorities. Soon after, Dr. Carissa Etienne, Director of PAHO, made a wonderful speech on what are the main challenges that we, as future health workforce, will face, and how can we prepare ourselves to overcome them. Dr. Roopa Dhatt, IFMSA President, also addressed the assembly, with an amazing and motivational speech on what has to be the spirit behind the reform soon to happen. We are together to make a change, and Chile is the venue for one of IFMSA’s biggest steps. To believe on this and work, commit, and fight for this were the main dreams shared with everyone present. Soon after, another historic moment for our federation took place. Beyond more than 400 delegates, IFMSA and PAHO signed a collaboration agreement, which will help to strengthen even more the amazing relationship that bonds these two institutions together, exploring its potential to the highest level.


The second day started with the famous Standing Committee Sessions. Involved in this will to make change, delegates sit together within their field of interest, to start defining the goals that will orient the upcoming days. Do our mission and vision show what we actually want to do? Does our structure help to produce the best quality work possible? Are we all putting effort on the same direction? What is this direction?
These are the kind of questions each and every one of us is eager to answer, and the creation of the ReDCo (Reform Drafting Committee) is the proof of how committed our federation is to make real the dream of changing!

The traditional regional meetings then took place giving delegations the opportunity to assess their needs and a more local level. Outcome oriented work was developed, with the purpose of evaluating what has been done, and what goals are yet to be pursued!


Theme events were not forgotten, and E-Health has been a constant for the last few days! Delivering delegates the most recent data about this huge theme is a big challenge, but the OC has set up a huge number of events that will surely make this become true!

A pure reform session was the end of day scenario. Split into small working groups, focused on IFMSA’s support divisions, discussion took place, yielding important conclusions as to what should be the future of these sectors of our federation.

The world has its eyes on this General Assembly, and more than 100 NMOs are looking forward to the conclusions that will be accomplished in Chile. It is amazing to see how all delegates are involved in this huge project, this huge dream, this huge reality. Everyone knows that Change will happen, and it is now time to work for it, and make the dream of reforming our Federation a true, strong, and sustainable reality.

Pedro Correia de Miranda

PorMSIC – Portugal

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