I ❤ heart

Name of the activity: I ❤ heart

Country/NMO: Colombia (ASCEMCOL)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign. Combination of education and advocacy. Campaigns create awareness in society about a certain topic (education aspect) and try to funnel this awareness into pressure on the decision makers to adapt policies accordingly (advocacy aspect).

General description:

“I, heart” encompasses issues of great relevance in terms of public health within the continent American related cardiovascular diseases. Having like basis

their respective promotion of health and prevention of the disease. Through the knowledge, skills and values ​​acquired by medical students, they carry out activities in public places throughout America with the In order to create awareness of the risk, thus achieving to reduce the high incidence rates and prevalence of these diseases in the continent.

Focus area:

Prevention of NCDs and Health Promotion

Problem statement:

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) says that in the center and south of the American continent the number of people with diabetes will increase by about 65% in the year 2040.

This is why as medical students we intend, through our values, knowledge and skills, decrease these high incidence and prevalence rates that are currently on the American continent.

Target groups:

General population


General population, Healthcare Students

Objectives and indicators of success:

-To Encourage healthy lifestyles.

– To Inform and sensitize the general population about the importance of health.

– To Create spaces for reflection and meeting between professionals and citizens.

– To Value the most positive features that represent healthy habits related

to personal development

– To Strengthen the training of medical students and other science actors

of health involved in the project.


It will be established during the

day of the morning or afternoon a point in one or more high public places

concurrence, in which the due invitation will be extended to any person who

get to know about the risk of chronic diseases of high prevalence

such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus type II, in addition to knowing ways

to improve healthy lifestyles.

A circuit of 4 stations will be formed, described below

1 Waiting area

2 Tension Evaluation

3 Glucose Evaluation

4 Healthy Lifestyles

5 Analysis of the information

Plans for evaluation:

In order to evaluate the activity, the trainee will be followed up for 2 months

after the intervention. At 3 months the student will call the person in order to

know if:

– Some habit of healthy life was followed after the intervention.

– If the person went to the doctor after having been found risk of DM 2 or HTA and if it was

or not diagnosed with the disease.

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