How to prepare yourself for a research exchange

Name: Giulia Murillo Wollmann


University: University of Joinville (UNIVILLE)

Theme: Standing Committee of Research Exchange

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How to prepare yourself for a research exchange

Once you have been accepted on a research exchange, it is extremely important that you prepare yourself so that you can gain knowledge and interact from day one. It is of interest to you that as soon as you receive your SCORE confirmation, you get in contact with the head Professor of the project you will be joining. Send an email asking for literature on the subject so that you can best prepare yourself. Regarding this, read as many articles as you can, and if capable, do a review on the subject, so that you can get really into the theme and also improve your curriculum. You can submit this review to magazines and also present it in medical events, so you will gain as much as you can from this experience. You should always have in mind that the exchange starts even before you travel, it starts from the moment you were accepted.

Regarding the local committee, when you receive your confirmation letter, it is good to get in contact with your contact person (someone that is designated to help and guide you during and before the Exchange). Then, you will be able to get informed about the place you will be staying (so that you know what you should pack with you), how your transportation to the hospital/University will be (so that you can study your way on google maps before), and plan your arrival and departure from the city. For example, in some cases, the city you have to go to does not have an airport with  direct flights to, so you need to get in touch with someone local to ask what bus or train you should take, and schedule your pick-ups with your contact person.

When you prepare yourself, and know what to expect, your experience will be much more pleasant and easy. With this previous preparation, you will be able to engage more with your research team, show them  your interest and impress them with your initiative. Also, you prevent yourself from having unpleasant surprises or difficulties on your journey, since you have planned your arrival and departure, and have talked with the local committee about your stay (which is also a great opportunity to start bonding with them). When packing, it is also a good idea to bring some of your country’s typical food and drinks, so that you can share traces of your culture and engage in this cultural exchange.

Have in mind that your goal is to impress and learn as much as possible, and with good preparation, you will be able to gain even more. If you have any concerns or doubts, do not hesitate to ask the committee, remember that they are there to help you. And again, know that your exchange starts at the moment you were accepted.

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