New members can be voted at each of IFMSA General Assemblies – March Meeting and August Meeting, after an application submission process, which require an extensive documentation of the status of the applicant organization.

It is important to note that only national medical students organizations, of which at least 60% of its members are medical students, can become a member of IFMSA. For more information about the requirements to become a member, check our Constitution and Bylaws.

IFMSA has a guiding principle of having only one National Member Organization per country. Please visit our interactive map if there is already a member in your country and contact that organization in order to become active in IFMSA.

If there isnt any National Member Organization present in your country, please send an email to or to the Regional Coordinator of your region, that contains information about yourself and the presence of a medical students organization in your country.

Something unclear? Do you still have questions? You can always send an email to and any of the Regional Coordinators.