Hello, Mr. Depression——World Mental Health Day Theme Week

Name of the activity: Hello, Mr. Depression——World Mental Health Day Theme Week

Country/NMO: China (IFMSA-China)

Program: Mental Health

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign. Combination of education and advocacy. Campaigns create awareness in society about a certain topic (education aspect) and try to funnel this awareness into pressure on the decision makers to adapt policies accordingly (advocacy aspect).

General description:

Through this activity, I hope to discuss depression with students, disseminate scientific and reliable medical knowledge, arouse students’ attention to mental health and depression related issues, and issue relevant questionnaires for evaluation and feedback after the event.

(1)”Mr. Depression” Video

Cooperate with Slow Motion Culture Media Co., Ltd. to film depression video in the image of Mr. Depression

(2) Mental Health Interactive Exhibition

Organize the staff to hang around in crowded places, invite everyone to take a group photo with the panel of Depression Jun Xiaole.

(3) “Spiritual Decoding” Public Welfare Bookshelf

Book fairs on books on mental illness in the library to attract more professional understanding and learning.

(4) “Mr.Depression, let’s talk” seminar on the theme of depression

Invite everyone to discuss the problem of depression prejudice, and invite PhD students in psychiatric majors to answer questions.

Focus area:

Mental Health advocacy and public awareness

Problem statement:

The World Mental Health Day Theme Week aims to raise public awareness of mental illness, share scientific and effective disease knowledge, and eliminate public prejudice against mental illness.We hope to attract college students’ attention to their mental health and depression through interactive exhibitions, and use the funny and warm comic image to eliminate people’s prejudice against depression and reduce stigma.

Target groups:

the teachers and students of Wuhan University


people living with depression in our society

Objectives and indicators of success:

First, hope more people can pay attention to the physical and mental health problems of people with mental illness.

This is achieved by as many participants as possible, and participants are not limited to students and teachers.

Indicator: Promotional video, tweet dissemination

Second, guide everyone to treat the mentally ill patients around them with the right method and attitude.

At least change participants’ prejudice against patients with depression or other mental illnesses (if such prejudice does exist)

Indicators: Questionnaires before and after the seminar reflect changes in students’ understanding of depression knowledge

Third, through the participants of this event, it will affect more people to pay attention to mental health.

Let the event participants spread the knowledge they learned through this activity to others as much as possible to form a good effect.

Indicators: The questionnaire before and after the seminar reflects the students’ attitude towards depression


Sep.1st, LOPH completed the initial planning, uploaded the event to the vice-chairman and SCOPH group, and the writing of various “pre-event” forms or documents.

Meetings for preparation – Aug.16th,Sep.3, Sep.17th,

9/10 WeChat public platform launched the theme week notice video and tweet (with manual introduction, seminar activity QQ group QR code and the first test link)

10-14, interactive exhibition and public welfare bookshelf

Rehearsal of events

on October 11/12, filming preparatory photos, reviewing the deficiencies and making changes (Secretary writes “First Rehearsal Review”)

11th, an interactive exhibition review tweet (with seminar notice)

12th, the seminar activity group officially opened, and the second questionnaire 13th, a seminar was held.

15th, depression science popular text one (canintroduce the exhibition stand again)

17th, the content of the seminar reviewed the tweets of the science of depression.

18th, tweets.

18-21, the evaluation

Plans for evaluation:

1. Promotion of video communication

2. Interactive exhibition, book exhibition and seminar participation

3. The questionnaire before and after the seminar reflects the students’ understanding of the knowledge of depression.


1. The amount of publicity videos is relatively large, which has played a role in promoting this event;

2. The students have a high degree of participation in the interactive exhibition. They are very interested in the image of “Mr. Depression ” and are willing to share their own emotions. The public welfare bookshelf is generally in development, and the form of “emotional tree hole” is attractive.

3. The seminar was carried out smoothly, and the participants conducted a warm and in-depth discussion and made a high evaluation of this activity.

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