Today, on December 12th, IFMSA celebrates Universal Health Coverage.

12.12.14 is the two-year anniversary of a unanimous United Nations resolution endorsing universal health coverage. Now more than ever, governments and civil society must act. Universal Health Coverage means that every person, everywhere, has access to health care without financial hardship. It is achievable, it is within our reach, and it must happen.

Health is a human right and a cornerstone of sustainable development and global security. Universal health coverage changes the way that health care is financed and delivered – so it is more equitable and more effective. As the world is facing tremendous challenges, such as climate change and the non-communicable diseases epidemic, healthcare delivery needs to be strengthen and accessible to all, as it is at the front line of the solution.

We, IFMSA, welcome and support all the efforts done towards the achievement of Universal Health Coverage. We still live in a world where 1.8 million youth die every year from preventable causes; where young people make up nearly half of all new HIV infections and more than 2 million adolescents live with HIV. A world where at least 20% of adolescents will face a mental health problem; where more than 150 million young people smoke cigarettes on a regular basis; where more than 500 young people die every day due to interpersonal violence. A world in which, 1 billion people lack basic health care, and 100 million fall into poverty every year trying to access needed services.

In a world that still fails, we cannot, yet, claim ourselves to be successful. Universal health coverage is possible, and it will happen, but only if we all commit to do more than what we have been doing until today.

So what can you do?
Look at this amazing toolkit: http://universalhealthcoverageday.org/toolkit/ full of great ideas for activities you can do at home and on social media. Take a stand, show your badge, make #healthforall trend, share the word.

Join us in celebrating universal health coverage today.

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