Happy’Tal – Algeria (Le Souk)

Name of the activity: Happy’Tal

Country/NMO: Algeria (Le Souk)

Program: Children Health & Rights


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop)


General description:

Happy’Tal consists of renovating and equipping activities rooms dedicated to hospitalized children so as the latter can escape from ther pain in practicing several activities in these new renovated rooms, such as: playing video games, reading books, playing with bunnies..

Focus area:

Children’s mental health, we can say for a child’s smile

Problem statement:

In order to forget, for a while, their pain, children in hospitals must have fun in a couple of rooms dedicated to these kind of activities. Hospitals of nowadays incluse in their structure these rooms, but the latter are not equiped enough to provide what hospitalized children need. So, the project consists of renovating and equipping these rooms.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Hospitalized children for both

Objectives and indicators of success:

The satisfaction of hospitalized children and drawing a smile in their faces


The methodology is to working in many teams.First, we start by sharing the different tasks, this will help us to know what every team should do and when it starts during the excution phase. Second, we start the work team by team (a team per 2 weeks)

Plans for evaluation:

The Evaluation consists on designing a team whose work is to make sure that the work is done at time. This team provides also all the needs necessary to the progress of the activity. To finish, if a member of a team cannot participate to work this week, he must make call to someone who can do his work during his absence so as not to delay the final results.

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