Guide me to serenity – Tunisia (Associa-Med)

Name of the activity: Guide me to serenity

Country/NMO: Tunisia (Associa-Med)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building


General description:

One week before the revision periode; 5 IFMSA trainers and 40 Medical students were reunited in a privet house to attend three sessions wich are “Study smarter not harder”, “Stress and time management” and “How to catch your motivation ?”. Every sessions lasts for almost two hours. Every participant has attended the three workshops
In the second step, a laughing yoga session was orgonised to medical students.
And finaly, establishing the Student Development and Support Center, which should, as its name suggests : help students in difficulty: This center will have a specific work schedule to welcome students in difficulty to listen to them and propose solutions.

Focus area:

Soft Skills for medical practitioners

Problem statement:

Medical students are exposed to confront many stressful situations in their student and professional life but unfortunatly our curriculum does not provide the necessery knowledge to handle this situations

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Medical students

Objectives and indicators of success:

*Give the students a lesson in life management and ways to reach their balance.
*Improve the students abilities in facing the stressful situations.
*Psychologically balanced doctors, able to handle any stressful situation.


The project contain three parts ; the first one is a journey in wich three sessions were facilited by IFMSA trainers which are « Study smarter not harder, Stress and time management, How to catch your motivation ? »
The second part is a laughing yoga session and the third one serves to establish a listening center in the faculty.

Plans for evaluation:

Feedback given by participants
Feedbacks’ form

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