Green Lights for Human Rights – SCORP Camp 2016 in Lithuania

We are medical students who want to make this world a better and fairer place. We are medical students who want to have a saying on what’s happening around us and lead the highly necessary change. We are medical students who want to unite and work together to achieve this change. We want and need to share our knowledge, ideas, imagination and love, with each other in order to create something amazing. We do this by organizing or participating in events, in which we seize the opportunity to share our experiences, knowledge and show our motivation, events such as the SCORP Camp ‘2016 in Lithuania.

SCORP Camp is the IFMSAs largest annual international summer school on Human Rights and Peace, this is the 4th edition, with the previous SCORP Camps hosted in Sweden, Jordan and Slovakia respectively. The SCORP Camp is an event that gives medical students from all over the world the chance to come together to improve themselves, by attending workshops, meeting people from all over the world and having an experience of a life time. During SCORP Camp in Lithuania there were five different trainings provided:

  • Training New Trainers (TNT)
  • Training New Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT)
  • Human rights Advocacy Training
  • Human Rights for Medical Practitioners: Advanced training on Suicide and Substance Abuse
  • International Training on Disaster Medicine (ITDM)

31-scorp-camp-2016For me the first thing that made this event so amazing and of course special, were the people. It is always the people who built up and give meaning to an event. It’s the people who give their time, effort, knowledge and motivation. An Organizing Committee LiMSA Lithuania, that helped everyone and hosted an amazing event. An OC that was responsible and fun at the same time. The trainers who created amazing trainings and continued working very hard during the camp, even after their session time, to just to give us what we need and want to the fullest. Last but not least the participants, who all had their unique personality and were eager to learn and share. I’m grateful for everything they gave me and I just hope I gave something in return.

Of course, what made SCORP Camp so life changing and personally improving, was the training I had. I knew this event would be an amazing experience and the trainings would give a lot to me, so I applied to all five workshops. At the end, I had the chance to participate in the TNT. I had heard about what an amazing journey taking the TNT was, but I’ve never imagined how much it would make me discover about myself and help me find who I am. The sessions taught me a lot and I was always encouraged to try harder and do better. I had a trainer who understood and mentored me during my journey. I had amazing team mates, that I shared things with which I could not even admit to myself or even realized before this event. Everyone that attended the camp made my TNT experience so much better, by creating the SCORP Camp environment.

I have always bonded deeply with the people I meet during IFMSA events, after the end of every event I attended, I would say: “I can’t believe these people weren’t in my life a few days ago.”. I was sure that this SCORP Camp 35-scorp-camp-2016wouldn’t be different. But, I was wrong. It was not like any other event I participated in. It was life changing for me and it came to me in a time I needed. The people I’ve met and the things we’ve shared, were the things I couldn’t experience at the age of 19 in any other place. During this event, I re-discovered myself and re-gained my self-love. I founded who I was in the people whom I’ve never met or even seen before. People from different schools, countries, continents gathered together for five different workshops, but for the same cause, to be better humans and to make the world a better place. After the six days we spent together, these people became my family and I had the time of my life. The SCORP Camp meant a lot to me. It was an adventure, a journey, a challenge which healed and improved me. It was a place that made me realize I wasn’t alone and despite all bad things in the world, there are people like me who are willing to make change happen. Thank you everyone. This girl loves you.

For more pictures of the event, SCORP Camp 2016 – Lithuania & visit

Entry written by Idil Kina, from Turkey, Second year Medical Student at Ege University in Turkey, participant during SCORP Camp 2016

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