Green Harbours – Time for a Greener Planet – BMSS Bangladesh

Name of the activity: Green Harbours – Time for a Greener Planet

Country/NMO: IFMSA-Egypt

Program: Environment and Health

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First-time Activity

Category: Capacity Building

Focus area: Climate Change

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), SDG 13 (Climate Action)

Problem statement:

The explored consequences of an increase of the global earth temperature of 4°C are devastating as the sea levels rose by about 20 cm since pre-industrial times and are now rising at 3.2 cm per decade with 40 percent of the world’s ocean surface filled with plastic & oil.That’s why we wanted to celebrate this World Environment’s Day with the slogan BEAT THE HEAT, PLANT MORE SEEDS to advocate medical students, creating awareness among medical students & mass population about the climate change.

Target groups:

  • Medical students


  • Medical students
  • Healthcare Students


1)To aware the medical students & general population about the current condition of climate changes and the harmful effects of environmental hazards by online contents.

2)To advocate medical students about the climate change and how to they can influence the decision maker after the closed session

3)To encourage medical students to spread awareness about the harmful effects of climate change and environmental hazards in their respective communities after the session.

Indicators of Success:

1.1) minimum 90% of viewers will know about  climate change & will get motivated to protect the environment

1.2) minimum 85% of viewers will know about reuse, restore & recycling to start implementing in their practical life 

2.1) minimum 85% participants will be able to know about the stakeholders of Bangladesh who are currently involved in environmental policy making after the session  

2.2) minimum 80% participants will be able to learn how to create an influence in the existing policy and can improve it more.

3.1)minimum 80% participants will be able to raise voice to protect our mother earth and climate 

3.2) minimum 80% participants will be to arrange different kinds of awareness activities in their respective communities/LCs after the session.


Some of our members planted saplings together, pictures of which were posted on official Facebook event page & Instagram. Alongside opened a call for participants for a closed training session.

For the closed session we selected 25 participants on a first hand basis of their responses. After completing the registration procedure we sent an invitation to the applicants to join a Whats App group via which we provided a pre-evaluation form.On the basis of their responses our trainers designed the session outline. Participents received a closed training session on environment related topics (1. Introduction , 2. Climate change 3. Advocacy and challenges 4.Taking Action:what can we do? What we will do after the workshop in local communities).  After completing the training we sent them a post evaluation form & assigned them tasks  to know the outcome of the sessions.

Plans for evaluation:

Pre-event Questionnaire:

For pre-event evaluation,we made a pre-evaluation form which will be circulated in the WhatsApp group chat prior to the event.Here,we will analyse participants’ ideas about environment and climate change related advocacy, views about how to make the session better.

Post-event Questionnaire:

For post-event evaluation,we made a post-evaluation form and circulate in the same WhatsApp group chat.We will be assessing their current knowledge about climate change and environment related advocacy and what they intend to do with the skills achieved.

External collaborations:



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