GourMED – Slovenia (SloMSIC)

Name of the activity: GourMED

Country/NMO: Slovenia (SloMSIC)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

Throughout the year, we plan to organize seminars about clinical nutrition for different diseases as we think that medical students are not getting enough knowledge on this topic during their studies. Project participants will also prepare food degustation related to the nutrition guidelines of the dealt disease. Furthermore, we plan to organize healthy breakfast for medical students which will be prepared by project participants. In that way, those willing to prepare food will gain knowledge on preparing healthy breakfast. Hence, we will aware medical students about the importance of healthy breakfast.

Focus area:

Prevention of NCDs and Health Promotion

Problem statement:

The main problem in our society is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is most evident in the rocketing numbers of overweight people. In our project, we aim to focus on the education regarding the effects of healthy eating on overall health. Furthermore, young adults, especially medical students, are not health-conscious enough and even take their health for granted. It is of vital importance to implement conscious eating habits into their daily routine.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Our target group are medical students, doctors, other health care professionals, children in primary schools and everyone who is interested in the topic. All listed groups will benefit from our activity as we will educate them and will hopefully make them question as well as think about switching to a healthier lifestyle. The main problem of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the lack of time, motivation and furthermore, the unawareness of the consequences later in life.

Objectives and indicators of success:

– Organize at least 3 seminars about clinical nutrition per year. We will measure this by the number of participants, by the questionnaires given out at the end of the events, by the questionnaires given to lecturers, as well as measuring and tracking comments and likes on our webpage and social networks. The participants’ knowledge will be measured quantitatively with the use of tests after each conference.
– Organize 2 healthy breakfasts per year completely prepared by project participants aimed at medical students. We will measure the success by number of participants, by the questionnaires given out at the end of the breakfast and comments and likes on social platforms.


We will achieve our objectives by careful searching for the lecturers and careful selection of the themes presented at each clinical seminar as we would like to fill in the knowledge gap about clinical nutrition. It is of great importance that we start organizing our events as soon as possible in order to provide lecturers that have great knowledge and clinical background. Also, we will have great advertisement about our events to attract as many interested participants as possible.
Furthermore, we will be careful at selecting healthy and nutrient dense foods for breakfast. We will also try to aware the visitors about the importance of balanced meals and healthy breakfast.

Plans for evaluation:

In the past years, our main problem was motivating project members in order to gather help with the organization of events. Therefore, in our pre-evaluation phase the organizational team of the project will find ways to motivate project members. The organizational team will also write objectives and possible problems that may rise. After our events, we will provide questionnaires for the participants in order to gain insight into their opinion about our organization. Furthermore, questionnaires about leadership and success of the project’s leader will be given to other project members at the end of the year. The organizational team will also discuss the objectives and problems concerning them.

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