Global Health Education

The COVID 19 pandemic has shown us that we are still far from the vision of global solidarity and social justice that global health proposes and has opened the space to discuss whether we are taking actions that will truly solve the roots of health inequity present between and within all countries at different scales. This context provides us the opportunity to recognize, once again, that global health is not just a medical problem and that addressing the social determinants of health to assure a minimum quality of life will require an interdisciplinary perspective, including concepts that are not part of our formal education (such as health diplomacy, health economics, among others) and question paradigms that were instilled in us, so we can be prepared for the next global health challenges, which include climate change, emergent diseases and potential future pandemics.

IFMSA has been contributing to that by challenging youths with new ideas of global health to prepare them as future global health leaders in the near future. Through this program, our participants will receive an introduction to the basics of global health, in order to expand their perspective and be prepared to reflect on the nature of our global health governance system, the role of WHO, nations and NSA. They will understand the trends of global health and will develop the capacity to take action. We expect that after the program is finished, our participants will have the tools to propose and lead projects that will solve local and global health problems, advocating for an improvement of healthcare systems and the coherence between the discourse and actions.

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