Global Health Education

From public health to international health, to global health, the concept of equitable health evolved over time from I to Them to Us all. In the span of 75 years from the establishment of the World Health Assembly, the citizens of the world have gradually understood that the world is borderless and is dependent on each other for the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and resources to achieve better healthcare for all. According to the latest pandemic, the phrase that explains global health as its best is “No one is safe until everybody is safe.” This is why global health education is vital at all levels as it shapes the mindset of people to become more aware of the consequences of our actions and how we can work together towards a common goal. IFMSA has been contributing to that by challenging youths with new ideas of global health to prepare them as future global health leaders in the near future. Our program aims to aid participants in seeing a clearer picture of how global health works through understanding the nature of the system, understanding different levels of global health leadership and governance, and understanding the trends of global health. This will lead to participants seeing the challenges of global health and how different roles create effective solutions in combating them. Ultimately, they can perhaps form future solutions of their own

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