Give your Piece for Peace: SCORP Camp 2017

How is this relevant to medicine? Why don’t you do something that will help your career? How will this help you when you become a doctor? Those are some questions I commonly hear when I say I’m working on human rights, and a lot of times from medical students who are working with human patients. We need to remember that becoming a doctor is not only about finding the cure for some disease, we are treating human beings that need to be respected and treated like people – not as a disease. For all of this and more I decided to adventure myself at this, which was probably one of the best and enriching experiences of my life.

The SCORP Camp is one of the IFMSAs’ largest international pear-to-pear educational program on Human Rights and Peace This year amazing Colombia in the America’s Region, had the honour to host the 5th edition in the city of Armenia, located in the  beautiful department of Quindío. Every year those “crazy” medical students from all over the globe, with that utopian dream of changing the world and making it a better place, get the opportunity to gather together to share experiences, knowledge, emotions and culture. You can’t imagine how satisfactory and enriching a “simple conversation” about abortion can turn, when you are in a room full of all these people from all the world craving to share their opinion.

We desire not only to lead the health care workers though this highly necessary change but also embrace all individuals to support this thought and have a saying on what’s happening,  remove tags and stereotypes, promote human rights, empathising, take care of the planet. But we are not always supported and sometimes we get tired and dreamless. That’s why having this huge opportunity to be with people that have the same goals is so comforting. Working together and sharing all that we have in our minds and hearts, it motivates you to work harder back home.

During the SCORP Camp participants had the chance to improve themselves not only by sharing experiences and knowledge but also by attending different workshops. This year these four were provided:

  • Training New Trainers (TNT)
  • Training New Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT)
  • International Training on Disaster Medicine (ITDM)
  • Peace and Conflict

This was my very first international IFMSA’s event, and it totally exceeded my expectations, getting to know and connect differently with each one of all those amazing and beautiful people with different ideas, opinions, and cultures, made this experience tremendously surpassing. It’s amazing how you get to know and build a strong friendship with someone you’ve just meet, I think that’s what gives the event a special meaning. I chose the TNHRT because I believe that our society is really hurt, it feels like we’re going backwards instead of going forward but I also believe in people and that if we work all together we can make a real impact on the rest. The feeling you get when you’re spreading the way you think and explain what do you do to improve and help people and catching even just one person’s attention is indescribable and TNHRT gave me tools, knowledge and motivation to keep doing this.

For the outstanding Organising Committee of ASEMCOL Colombia, we will never thank you enough for all the effort you made and besides all the challenges you never gave up and managed to make this experience unforgettable. From the venue to the decoration (paper-folded doves to decorate the doors and ceilings really amazing), the social activities and of course the food, tons of food and coffee. You guys hosted an astonishing and innovative event.

For the amazing trainers whose workshops were incredible, for all their patience, love and motivation you gave us, a tremendously thank you for all the time you spend working to make the best of our trainings.

For the heart of the camp, the participants, those special souls with a unique and exceptional personality who eager to learn and share, I’m so grateful that I get to know you, and learn from your experiences, thanks for all the love, motivation and friendship I hope I gave something in return.

SCORP Camp is a life changing experience where you get to improve yourself as an individual while you connect to others, you get to discover yourself. I returned home empowered and motivated to keep fighting for this dream but most important, I realised that while I’m doing it, other crazy soul around the world  is willing to change the world.


Veronica Anayansi Moreno,
IFMSA Mexico

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