Gaster Felix – Slovenia (SloMSIC)

Name of the activity: Gaster Felix

Country/NMO: Slovenia (SloMSIC)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

We are a gastroenterologic project of medical students from Slovenia. We believe that with right nutrition we could postpone or prevent rising incidence of obesity and diabetes mellitus as well as other chronic diseases. Therefore we educate public on national level through workshops, congresses, classes, courses and social media.

Focus area:

Prevention of NCDs and Health Promotion

Problem statement:

The rising incidence of obesity and diabetes mellitus and other gastroenterologic chronic dieases. We educate public about the right nutrition and hope that we could postpone or even restrict the rising incidence. We educate the medical students and doctors as well, since their knowledge about the matter could also help with the prevention.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

We work on a national level. We target all age groups (especially children) and also medical students and doctors.

Objectives and indicators of success:

We want to reduce the number of patients with diabetes type two in Slovenia, reduce BMI under 25 and we want our faculty to have a special subject named Clinical Nutrition in the obligatory curriculum.


Workshops for children in primary school, congresses, courses. Via Instagram, Facebook, radio, national TV and also through articles in newspapers.

Plans for evaluation:

We make annual reports and we take pictures of our actions. We have the results of tests which we give to all of the participants at the end of every congress and we evaluate them.

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