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IFMSA PROGRAM is a beautiful, valuable, and important coral reef in the ocean of IFMSA yet to burgeon.

With the participation of thousands medical students from around the globe, the IFMSA MM in Egypt is beyond eulogize. Motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic delegates from different standing committees, promising leaders of future, highly efficient organizing team, experienced and parenting IFMSA team of officials and all of you who participated left no stone unturned to make this GA one of the best in history. I cannot stand from sharing my experience as a program coordinator to you all who missed to attend this biggest biannual medical fest.

As the day approached, the airport in Egypt was filled with hugs and affection. Some reunion, some fresh beginnings, some furnished and experienced brain of IFMSA all with a positive belief kicked off the GA. We program coordinators were given couple of key responsibilities besides regular works – a) Program Session and b) judging Activity fair.

All the standing committee started their respective sessions every morning, each regional team had their regional session in the afternoon and we participated along with boosting up the Program session.  The question must be what is program session? In this GA, we tried to add a different trail called “program session” where we selected the burning topics in the field of public health, human rights, reproductive health, children right and environmental issues. The sessions were run to make participants aware about PROGRAM and hence the topic. With the overwhelming participation and interactive sessions, the concept of program, activity enrollment and its importance was successfully discussed. In the joint session participant were able to understand different issues related to the topic. Most importantly about Programs, the enrollment process for an activity, its importance, and need in coming days. Let me explain it in brief again.

I can confidently say that, there isn’t a single NMO which doesn’t conduct at least few wonderful activities each year in their country. Many of them have been doing this since years continuing to deliver the best medical students could to the community.  But we already missed to record the details of many of those activities done in past. IFMSA have now started the PROGRAMS to recognize the efforts made by each NMO to the society. All you have to do is fill up the details of your activity in program enrollment form. We are here to groom your activities and help make it recognize worldwide. Once enrolled you have to submit the reports of the activity and you can write your activity in the history of IFMSA.

After the successful completion of program session, we were up for activity fair. There were best activities (more than 90) enrolled under different IFMSA programs participating in the activity fair. A small hall was full of innovative ideas showing the impact of IFMSA in the world. I was lucky to be the part of IFMSA evaluation team for the activity fair. Besides judging few activities, I was able to share the knowledge and ideas with the activities coordinator of different activities. It made me realized that IFMSA has made great effort in making this world a better place.    

Every day was balanced with academic sessions, workshops, delicious food and cultural and social events. Diverse culture of Cultural night, delicious recipe of NFDP night, socializing parties, soothing concert was harmonizing different culture and values. Without even noticing the beautiful moment was slipping off with time. Unwillingly the goodbye was decorated with beautiful memories and hope of meeting again.

Santosha Upadhyaya, Program Coordinaton on Dignified and Non-Discriminatory Health Care

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