Free Medical Day – Lebanon (LeMSIC)

Name of the activity: Free Medical Day

Country/NMO: Lebanon (LeMSIC)

Program: Dignified & Non-Discriminatory Healthcare


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: We provide healthcare, awareness, and screening to vulnerable populations


General description:

The Free Medical Day is an initiative from medical students around Lebanon to provide free health care, awareness, and screening to whoever needs it, for free. Realising that proper healthcare is a basic human right, we intend in our project to put all our knowledge and effort into delivering the best medical care. For the third year in a row, medical students from across Lebanon organise this
project to deliver health services. This project is a collaborative effort from all standing committees of LeMSIC, mainly SCORP, with the yearly contribution of students, doctors, residents and interns, specialty fellows, nutritionists and healthcare workers.We work on empowering people from these vulnerable populations to have the knowledge to follow-up on their health, and the means to get them started.

Focus area:

Vulnerable or marginalized populations | Migrants and refugees

Problem statement:

There is no universal healthcare in Lebanon. 50% of the Lebanese population does not have any form of insurance. Additionally, 1/4 of the Lebanese population are refugees. Around 1/4 do not have health-coverage. Free Medical Day is a student led initiative that aims to empower the underprivileged in our society with knowledge about prevention of disease, free medical consultations, laboratory tests, screening tests, and access to follow up.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

– Lebanese population
– Refugees
– Migrant Workers

Objectives and indicators of success:

– 1. To reach more than 600 people
2. To be able to cover for pediatric and adult ages in all fields
3. For the fields to include: Awareness about prevention, Dental medical consultation, Nutritionists, Doctors from several fields, and screening for several diseases.
4. Build a follow up team, that will contact patients after the event, to follow up on their health, and to assess some aspects of the event
5. Have the event in a location that is accessible to poor populations


1. OC
2. Finances; Finances this year will rely on two things;
– Sponsors
– Fundraising events.
3. Awareness: Through NGOs and flyers
5. Media: We will have television interviews, banners, radio, and social media
6. PR: Through Doctors from different universities
7. Screening: EKG, Dental consultations, diabetes, lipid profile, and blood pressure screening, and we will work on providing free spectacles
8. Medical: We will focus on several domains, including: Pediatrics, Cardiology, OBGYN , opthalmo, dermatology, cardiology, and family doctors.

Plans for evaluation:

– We will send evaluation forms to all members and patients
– We will be following up with patients

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