Fraudulent Invoices

Out General Secretariat account has received more than 35 emails from different parts of the world since the beginning of January 2020 inquiring about the legitimacy of Invoices that have allegedly been issued by IFMSA.

The Invoices are between 52,695 – 52, 916 EUR which were been supposedly issued to 9 different women from Ukraine, who are Dental Technicians born in 1984, in order to continue their studies abroad.

A closer look at the Invoices reveals that the template is not the correct one, details are incorrect (e.g. Olivia Hansen doesn’t work at the Secretariat), the listed phone number is not in service, IFMSA’s address on the stamp is from an earlier date, etc. IFMSA confirm that these certificates are not original and were never issued by the federation.

We also received passport copies for 5 of the women, but a closer look reveals that 3 of them are the same person. We think that these individuals were able to create multiple invoices by altering few details on the invoices, e.g. the name of the recipient, the Danish contact number, and the sum of the grant. We’ve also come across a fake email from Olivia Hansen, who was responding angrily to a scam accusation. Initially, the Individual was using the fake certificate to obtain a loan but have moved on to dating sites where they are now trying to obtain between 600 – 1500 EUR.

Footnote, the names are listed here for your information:
1) Alla Dudka
2) Alla Groisman
3) Alla Milanova
4) Alla Oprina
5) Alla Papanova
6) Alla Sofiichuk
7) Anita Capkovska
8) Nataliia Bondarieva
9) Olga Visnapu

IFMSA declares that a legal process is ongoing, and urges all individuals who were victims of this scam to contact us via our email: [email protected]

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