For the good of the community (vaccination and COVID 19) – MedSIN Sudan

Name of the activity: For the good of the community (vaccination and COVID 19)

Country/NMO: MedSIN Sudan

Program: Communicable Diseases

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First-time Activity

Category: Campaign

Focus area: Work to increase rate of Vaccination, Prevention of COVID-19

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: 

Problem statement:

Our problem is the lack of awareness among people about many topics whithin COVID – 19(  epidemics and viruses. Thus, many irrational hypothesis were made regarding its pandemic as this had led to many wrong conceptions on the disease. Approximately 60% of its cases are not notified because the people have stigma, Thousands of them don’t realize its risk and have many wrong ideas about vaccination as there are 3,588 death without vaccines. Recently covid confirmed cases reached about 58,874.

Target groups:

  • General population
  • Other Students
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Women


  • General population
  • Other Students
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Women


By the end of the outreach :

  1. 500 of the school’s  student and the triangle street people  will know what  COVID-19 updates and how to deal with it
  2. 500 of them will know what is it symptoms and protective measures 

3.400 of people know the centers regarding vaccinations and help centers (Hospitals) in their locations

4.educate 300 people  on stigma around the COVID 19 and how to avoid it 

  1. 400 of them must aware that COVID-19 is just a disease but is dangerous so they must take care
  2. 400 of them must know how it affect in society
  3. educate 250 people on types of vaccines and their effects and how it prevent from COVID 19 
  4. At least 400 of them will raise awareness about the importance of vaccination among their family members , relatives and friends 

9.By the raise awareness of people the widespread will decrease

Indicators of Success:

  • Increase people and student who full aware about COVID 19
  • Increasing demand to the vaccines centers
  • 300 people at least know 5 symptoms of the disease and know how to use measures effectively
  • at least 500 people  reach hospitals to diagnose covid 19 if they feel the symptoms ( stigma reduced between people
  • decrease the number of cases of COVID 19 at least 20 %in the country                                        – at least 200 people aware on vaccines and its important.
  • Increase student and people use good hygiene and wear masks in the street and schools


For the good of the community outreach, has two major phases:

  • First phase:

The virtual campaign will include infographics and videos posted throught the social media platforms in collaboration with several organizations. The aim of the online campaign is to reach all of the socioeconomic classes.

Call for members, scientific, and publication committees

Result announcement

First meeting with the scientific and publication committee

Starting the virtual campaign

Finalization of the scietific material for the physical outreach.

Capacity building for participants :

Training : public speaking and advocacy 

Session about vaccination and COVID 19 

  • Second phase:

The Physical phase will include 5 schools which are geographically distributed in the capital, taking into consideration the equitable distribution between female and male schools; in addition to Liberty Yard and Burri family park.

Almanar girls school

Alsheikh Mustafa Alamin school for boys

Bahri model school for girls”

Plans for evaluation:

Evaluation of the pre-outreach online campaign:

o Pre and post evaluation forms after each day of the campaign.

o Feedbacks on trainers, performance of the members, their knowledge, skills and preparation state.

Evaluation of the in-person outreach:

o School students whom participated in the outreach will be given anonymous paper evaluation form after the end of each day.

o Simple random sampling for students after each day in order to have individual interviews.

o Paper evaluation forms for families and individuals whom participated after each day of the outreach.

o Feedback from the sponsor after each day of the outreach as we going to give them comprehensive report each day.

Evaluation after the outreach:

o Post evaluation forms from the Scintefic and publication committee’s members, team of officials and the participants to know their overall experience.

o Individual evaluation and reflection meetings will be conducted with them when needed.

External collaborations:

Collaboration with some NGOs to post our online campaign in their social media platforms 


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