IFMSA finds its anchors in its young member spirit and restfulness. We are committed to use our diverse social media tools to continuously reach out to you. Find us online today to connect, share and engage with IFMSA and most importantly, to stay updated with the latest and hottest news of the Federation.

Presence on Facebook

IFMSA Facebook Page:

IFMSA Facebook Regional Groups
Those groups are a place for you to discuss issues that matters to your region; share projects and ideas; and connect with your colleagues from neighbor countries. They are moderated by the Regional Coordinators and their teams. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join the discussions!
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IFMSA Facebook Standing Committees Groups
We have six official groups, which moderated by our dear standing committees directors and their international teams to discussed theme-based issues related to the work of our standing committees. They provide a forum to connect with members around the world working in a similar field as yours!

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