Fight HIV and AIDS, not those Living with it !! – SCORA Tunisia

SCORA TUNISIA fighting stigma directed at people living with HIV, getting to ZERO dicrimination is our goal.

In fact, it’s easy to think of AIDS as a medical problem. But AIDS is also a social problem. People with HIV have been fired from their jobs, kicked out of their apartments,denied health care and abandoned by their families. Discrimination has always been a symptom of AIDS.

People with HIV do deserve living full lives,being loved, accepted and supported by those close to them.But we don’t live in a perfect world. People with HIV do still come across stigma, prejudice and discrimination. This can often be the worst part of living with HIV. Fear of this happening can lead to people with HIV being nervous about telling others that they have HIV or avoiding contact with them. They may end up suffering in silence instead of getting the help they need.

When thinking about stigma and discrimination, a good place to start might be to consider how irrational and wrong they are.

 HIV-positive people can maintain and form new close relationships,develop careers, make plans for the future and have fulfilling love, the whole love they need as human beings.

This is SCORA Tunisia’s national affiche: ” Fight HIV and AIDS, not those Living with it”Image

//SCORA Tunisia

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