Farewell Message from the Team of Officials 2018-19

Dear IFMSA family all around the world,

For almost 68 years IFMSA has been teaching medical students how to be active advocates, change-makers and how to challenge traditional approaches around us to create a long-lasting impact. Passion, dedication, hard work, transparency and commitment are values that guided our Federation this term and many other previous ones, which resulted in great advancements for medical students worldwide, building a strong reputation for IFMSA and ensuring that the impact of our work is translated at all levels, from international, regional to local ones.

The IFMSA’s Team of Officials 2018/2019 has dedicated their time and efforts to serve IFMSA and its members, led great initiatives and capacitated medical students with knowledge, skills and resources. Serving within the IFMSA Team of Officials can be a demanding task, yet a life-changing experience as well in which one gets the chance to lead medical students and implement their ideas in IFMSA. Our success and achievements this term wouldn’t have come to reality without the work and the tremendous support of international and regional teams, task forces’ members, small working groups’ members, program coordinators, and support persons in IFMSA meetings. A heartfelt thank you from the Team of Officials is the least we can say to you. 

We are honored to share with you our Annual Activity Report for the Term 2018/2019 (LINK). This report outlines the most important achievements we had this term, and provides an overview of where IFMSA was present and what impact we had.

It’s such a great feeling to leave the Federation proud and assured of the work we have done and the impact we left on IFMSA. We are honoured to get the chance to leave a mark in the story of a leading youth organization in the world, and we can’t wait to see IFMSA continue to grow and prosper. IFMSA changed our lives, shaped our personalities, and crafted our dreams; therefore the least we can do is to be forever thankful! 


IFMSA Team of Officials 2018/19

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