Farewell from the Team of Officials 2014/2015 – A new era in IFMSA?


A year ago, we were writing you our first message as your IFMSA Team of Officials 2014-2015, a message announcing our ambitions agenda for the this year – a year that we knew would be full of challenges and changes. We focused on four key topics, which we hope have contributed to give you a better Federation.

1. A different Present

Only by knowing where we are from and where we are going will we affirm our position as a global organisation. As such, the IFMSA Strategy 2014/17 has guided us through the year, supported by well defined EB Pursued Goals and a comprehensive Annual Plan of Action. Weve established our secretariat, worked with a professional accounting, seen the adoption of the first set of IFMSA programs, and ensured a smooth handover with the upcoming board. Weve worked in fundraising like never before, developed a new website, discussed regionalisation, and evaluated our activities.

2. From Global to Local Challenges

In the past twelve months, we have made our utter best to balance what our members needed and wanted, while continuing to bring to the discussions some of the most challenging topics that medical students are facing everyday. We have addressed the global rate of burnout among health professionals; the health impacts of climate change; the building-up and recent approval of the sustainable development goals; the discussions surrounding transnational trade agreements and the continuous challenges regarding the quality of medical education around the world. We were committed to do it, and we did it. Our Federation is a growing forum where medical students from all the word can take positions in matters relevant for them and their surrounding communities. We tried, as much as we could, to underline that international action starts at home. We invested in more capacity building to our members, so that they can bring their best practices to their own colleges.

3. From words to actions

It was also a priority for our Team that the Federation has an even more defined and active role in advocacy, so that we can truly voice out the ideas, concerns and priorities of medical students worldwide. We were present in the most important health-related discussions of the year and we have engaged with high-level institutions and organisations. We have also put the foundations to redefine policy-making within the Federation, with the objective of being able to engage even more with medical students. We have put efforts in skills and organisational development, and have strived to bring the Federation closer to its members with a continuous online growth and presence on the national, regional and international events. Weve concluded partnerships and agreements to always give you more opportunities.

4. Our commitment to the NMOs

What we did was for you, and with you. Weve honored our commitment to give the Federation the positive leadership it deserves and to focus on unity, cooperation, professionalism and trust. Meaningful collaboration between a proactive Team of Officials and empowered NMOs will always be essential for the continuous improvement of our Federation.

Is this a new era for IFMSA? Was our work significant for a better future of the Federation? We dont know. Only in 4-5 years from now, would we be able to draw conclusions. However, it is our belief that we have served you the best we could, and with all that we had to offer. Thank you for having made that journey with us.

To the next Team – we wish you the best of luck, and will support you wholeheartedly from far.


image (5)Your Team of Officials 2014/15

Agostinho, Jason, Claudel, Wael, Karim, Meggie, Zahra, Alberto, Majo, Yuji, Badr, Jessica, Skander, Michalina, Luiza, Omar, Stijntje, Moa, Arthur, Kelly, Ivana, Diogo, Kornelija, Jonathan, Ljiljana, Mustafa, Firas and Reda.


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