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EMR Meeting 2020
Post-Event Blog Post !

Aamr Hammani, Regional Director for EMR
Addressing Jordanian National Television

For four consecutive days, in the land of the ancient Jordan, from the lowest point on earth and with the highest expectations, medical students from all over the Eastern Mediaterian Region gathered for the anticipated 16th EMR Meeting where friends will unite once again, knowledge will be shared and most importantly all will be inspired by the minds and strength of junior doctors; the theme of this year’s meeting.

Our meeting started off with a bang, where the whole region gathered for the opening ceremony that was being broadcasted by multiple media channels from Jordan, memorable speeches were given by the OC Chairperson and the EMR Regional Director. This was shortly followed by the traditional dance “Dabka” performance that left us highly entertained and ready to live the Jordanian experience.

With the rising rays of the sun from the Dead Sea and the surrounding mountains, our meeting’s agenda took precedence, packed with Standing Committees/President sessions and Training sessions delivered by IFMSA TO and the Regional Team themselves, activities presentation and fair showcasing the impact that each NMO is achieving on their national levels, flags decorating the exchange fair and of course the social programs going all night long.

Standing Committees sessions

Standing Committee session is always an opportunity to deliver content that aligns with EMR priorities and NMOs interest and this is exactly what each Regional Assistant has achieved, through multiple sessions conducted in different forms from presentations and discussions to SWGs and simulations to ensure that the participants acquired knowledge and gained new skills to transfer/deliver them back in their home countries.

In SCOPH sessions the participants were exposed to SCOPH regional and global priorities in both knowledge-based and skills-based sessions. Our aim in those sessions was to orient the participants about the prioritized public health issue.

SCOME sessions in the EMR had the participants introduced to various medical education issues that were facing us as a region and to learn about each NMO’s approach towards them. It showcased what SCOMEdians of the EMR are capable of doing in the development of our region in medical education.

SCORA sessions aimed to focus on all focal areas regarding SRHR taking into consideration these sessions are region oriented. In addition, it focused on supporting participants first by providing a safe space and equipping them with information and techniques that will allow them to deliver effective campaigns on SRHR topics and to overcome the barriers found in the EMR region.   

SCOPE/SCORE sessions were adapted to all types of participants, whether you were a beginner or an all-time exchange enthusiast, the SCOPE/SCORE sessions got it covered. Exchanges were explicitly discussed through interactive sessions going from the basic information with exchanges 101, academic quality, communication guidelines to more advanced ones namely external representation, management of finances and PRET preparation. 

NMOs EB gathered all in the president sessions where they were exposed to the latest regional updates and experienced several capacity building sessions mainly shaped to support NMOs in several areas which were Public Relations and Communications, Strategy Follow up and Evaluation, External Representation, and Fundraising.

Each day after the sessions participants had the opportunity to increase their skills through our twelve training sessions offered covering a wide range of topics from debates and passion to be heard and observed in the presentation and activities fair, where we got a chance to see what each NMO has been achieving and be inspired by the impact they are leaving in their national countries.

National colors and flags were decorating the exchange fair, the atmosphere was charged as participants exchanged tokens and urged us all to travel and experience the beauty of the EMR exchanges and what each NMO has to offer.

Junior Doctors taking action was this year’s theme, and in accordance two side events took place with externals from prestigious Jordanian universities facilitating a discussion that left participants empowered and ready to give back to their perspective societies.  

The nights were filled with fun and laughter, on day one the traditions were embraced and dominated the air, where each NMO proudly presented their nation countries in an amazing performance and by filling our stomachs with delicious foods. The EMR has always been filled with history and backed with cultures that run for centuries-old and we got to experience a night where the old meets the new.

Moreover, This EMR also had something special during our plenary; for the first time, CCC members were appointed. Motions were tabled and amendments to our regulations were adopted which will ensure the prosperity of the region and push us forward. Aside from that, famous EMR roll calls and shouts decorated the hall and are always a sight to behold (we love our tablas).

Tireless, knowledge-packed and most importantly three amazing days passed in a blink of an eye in the lowest point on the earth and by the mesmerizing Jordanian nature, new friendships were made, experiences were exchanged, people got inspired and we can’t wait to do it all over again in EMR17 next year. We truly had a joyful journey!

You go east, you go west; EMR is the best…

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