Ethics and Human
Rights in Health

Program Coordinator: Ahmed Hussein
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Focus Areas

Human rights for medical professionals in daily clinical settings

Legal Responsibility for Medical Students.

Is the first conference in Paraguay about legal aspects of medical practice. In collaboration with a specialist, students not only acquire new knowledge about legal documents and laws in 

medicine, but also clear doubts, find solutions and have a quick decision-making ability, in case they find themselves in certain situations, where the legal aspect may be compromised.

Medical Ethics (Patient Centered Care, Good Medical Practice, direct doctor-patient relationship)

Dawn (Aurora)

Here, vulnerable patients like the elderly and children in the hospital are visited by medical students; played with, fed and shown empathy.

Ethical research and ethical financing


Is a citizen lead platform, promoted and initiated by medical students in the very heart of Spanish medical faculties as a reaction to our exposition and increasing influence of Big Pharma in our Universities, Medical Schools, Hospitals and in the general life of Physicians. 

From this origin “Farmacriticxs” has grown over and beyond its birth and now reaches students and professionals of a variety of fields and also members of the general population who are concerned and wish to promote ethics and transparency with the Pharmaceutical Industry in order to improve the health of the population.

Organ and human trafficking

  • Awareness campaign on human trafficking, explaining the conpet and the situation and showing how it can be prevented
  • Trainings for healthcare professionals on how to identify and deal with organ and human trafficking victims

Peace, Peacebuilding and Health

Activities focusing on human rights education

Teddy Bear Hospital

Lack of knowledge in children about healthcare, the function and goal of a hospital. This lack of knowledge will in turn cause fear of the hospital in children. The Teddy Bear Hospital tries to tackle this problem in a playful way children can understand. 

The second problem that can be established, is that children require a different approach which can be challenging for medical students. This project will help the students learn how to communicate with patients and more importantly with children.


Program Proposal

To find our more about the current Program, check the Program Proposal document.

Activities for Ethics and Human Rights in Health Program

Below you may find all the most recent activities that were recognized as part of the Activities for Ethics and Human Rights in Health Program.

If you are interested to join IFMSA Program with your activity and have it shown in the Database please visit the IFMSA Programs part of the website and/or contact the program team at [email protected].

NrProgramEnrollment yearActivityCategoryRegionNMOStanding CommitteeType
107Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Teddy Bear HospitalEducationAmericasAEMPPI-EcuadorSCORPContinuous Activity
108Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Letters to Medical StudentsThird-party ActivityEuropeANEM PortugalSCORPContinuous Activity
109Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23BANDHUCampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
110Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23International Day of Peace 2022CampaignAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
111Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23PROJECT TARACampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
112Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Dr. SmileCampaignAmericasIFMSA-BrazilSCORPContinuous Activity
113Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Doc'time TunisThird-party ActivityEMRAssocia-Med TunisiaSCORPContinuous Activity
114Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Together Against Stigma CampaignEMRIFMSA-EgyptSCORPContinuous Activity
115Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Addiction Awareness in Medical SchoolsResearchEuropeHelMSIC GreeceSCORPFirst-time Activity
116Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Taiwan Black Bear Hospital (TBBH)EducationAsia PacificFMS-TaiwanSCOPHContinuous Activity
117Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Teddy Bear Hospital - NallesjukhusetEducationEuropeIFMSA-SwedenSCOPHContinuous Activity
118Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Give for Good Third-party ActivityAsia PacificAMSA-KyrgyzstanSCORPFirst-time Activity
119Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Speak Your Truth: Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Human Rights EducationAsia PacificAMSAHK China, Hong KongSCORPFirst-time Activity
120Ethics & Human Rights in Health2022/23Teddy Bear HospitalEducationEuropeALEM LuxembourgSCOPHContinuous Activity
121Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Break the silence campaignCampaignEMRNAMS YemenSCORPFirst-time Activity
122Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22SCORP’s Online DiscussionsCampaignEMRNAMS YemenSCORPFirst-time Activity
123Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Health SaversResearchEMRIMSA-IranSCORPReplicating Activity
124Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Save the savioursCampaignEMRIMSA-IranSCORPFirst-time Activity
125Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Together for humanityCampaignAfricaMedSIN SudanSCORPFirst-time Activity
126Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Christmas is giving smilesCampaignAmericasASCEMCOL ColombiaSCORPContinuous Activity
127Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Health of Indigenous Populations in BrazilEducationAmericasIFMSA-BrazilSCORPFirst-time Activity
128Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22AdHiCAR - Advocating for Human Trafficking Captives and their RightsAdvocacyAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
129Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child: Child Protection CampaignCampaignEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCORPFirst-time Activity
130Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Migrants Vaccination Campaign: Let’s Vaccinate Everyone Before ChristmasCampaignEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCORPFirst-time Activity
131Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22International Day of Peace 2021CampaignAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCORPContinuous Activity
132Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) EducationCapacity BuildingEMRIFMSA-EgyptSCORPFirst-time Activity
133Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22ETHICS AND MEDICINEEducationAsia PacificAMSA-KyrgyzstanSCORPFirst-time Activity
134Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Scorp in schoolsCampaignEMRAssocia-Med TunisiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
135Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Green lights for children rightsCampaignEMRAssocia-Med TunisiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
136Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22living libraryCampaignEMRAssocia-Med TunisiaSCORPContinuous Activity
137Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22International Day of Persons with Disabilities & Human Rights Day 2021CampaignAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
138Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22“Two heads are better than one”EducationEuropeIFMSA-PolandSCORPContinuous Activity
139Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22MUN FMMAdvocacyEMRAssocia-Med TunisiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
140Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Bamboo WorkshopCapacity BuildingAfricaMedSIN SudanSCORPReplicating Activity
141Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Alone but accompaniedThird-party ActivityEMRIFMSA-MoroccoSCORPFirst-time Activity
142Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Sharing is caringCapacity BuildingEMRIFMSA-MoroccoSCORPContinuous Activity
143Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22The Dream School BusThird-party ActivityEMRIFMSA-MoroccoSCORPFirst-time Activity
144Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Ethics and Medicine 2.0EducationAsia PacificAMSA-KyrgyzstanSCORPContinuous Activity
145Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Ambassadors of HealthThird-party ActivityEMRIMSA-IranSCORPFirst-time Activity
146Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Ilaaj 2.0 - Treating Patients or Treating ViolenceAdvocacyAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
147Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22World Humanitarian DayCampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
148Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Turning The TablesCapacity BuildingEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCORPReplicating Activity
149Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Mind Your Head: Mental Health during COVIDEducationAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
150Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22World Human Rights DayCampaignAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
151Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Project PrivacyAdvocacyAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
152Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22AGENDA UN-GENDER: Addressing Gender InequalitiesAdvocacyAsia PacificMSAI IndiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
153Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Nurturing the city blossomsCampaignAsia PacificBMSS BangladeshSCORPFirst-time Activity
154Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22quality of life and mental health status in students of the health areaEducationAmericasIFMSA-BoliviaSCORPContinuous Activity
155Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22CALLS (Creating a Safe and Healthy Childhood With SCORP)CampaignAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
156Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Autism projectEducationEMRIFMSA-KurdistanSCORPFirst-time Activity
157Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22BelongingEducationAsia PacificSMMAMS MalaysiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
158Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22No HealthCare without a ProviderCampaignEMRIFMSA-IraqSCORPContinuous Activity
159Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22Elimination of racial discrimination in schoolsCampaignEMRLMSA LibyaSCORPFirst-time Activity
160Ethics & Human Rights in Health2021/22DIS is my ABILITYCampaignEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCORPFirst-time Activity