Ethics and Human
Rights in Health

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Focus Areas

Human rights for medical professionals in daily clinical settings

Legal Responsibility for Medical Students.

Is the first conference in Paraguay about legal aspects of medical practice. In collaboration with a specialist, students not only acquire new knowledge about legal documents and laws in 

medicine, but also clear doubts, find solutions and have a quick decision-making ability, in case they find themselves in certain situations, where the legal aspect may be compromised.

Medical Ethics (Patient Centered Care, Good Medical Practice, direct doctor-patient relationship)

Dawn (Aurora)

Here, vulnerable patients like the elderly and children in the hospital are visited by medical students; played with, fed and shown empathy.

Ethical research and ethical financing


Is a citizen lead platform, promoted and initiated by medical students in the very heart of Spanish medical faculties as a reaction to our exposition and increasing influence of Big Pharma in our Universities, Medical Schools, Hospitals and in the general life of Physicians. 

From this origin “Farmacriticxs” has grown over and beyond its birth and now reaches students and professionals of a variety of fields and also members of the general population who are concerned and wish to promote ethics and transparency with the Pharmaceutical Industry in order to improve the health of the population.

Organ and human trafficking

  • Awareness campaign on human trafficking, explaining the conpet and the situation and showing how it can be prevented
  • Trainings for healthcare professionals on how to identify and deal with organ and human trafficking victims

Peace, Peacebuilding and Health

Activities focusing on human rights education

Teddy Bear Hospital

Lack of knowledge in children about healthcare, the function and goal of a hospital. This lack of knowledge will in turn cause fear of the hospital in children. The Teddy Bear Hospital tries to tackle this problem in a playful way children can understand. 

The second problem that can be established, is that children require a different approach which can be challenging for medical students. This project will help the students learn how to communicate with patients and more importantly with children.


Program Proposal

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Activities for Ethics and Human Rights in Health Program

Below you may find all the most recent activities that were recognized as part of the Activities for Ethics and Human Rights in Health Program.

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NrProgramActivity NameCountry (NMO)
69Ethics & Human Rights in Health"Legal Responsability for Medical Students"Paraguay (IFMSA-Paraguay)
70Ethics & Human Rights in HealthStill WaitingEcuador (AEMPPI)
71Ethics & Human Rights in HealthSummer School Reproductive Health & RightsBelgium (BeMSA)
72Ethics & Human Rights in HealthDisabilities Awareness CampaignChina - Hong Kong (AMSAHK)
74Ethics & Human Rights in HealthFarmacriticxsSpain (IFMSA-Spain)
75Ethics & Human Rights in HealthEthics and professionalism conferenceSudan (MedSIN)
76Ethics & Human Rights in HealthDawnVenezuela (FEVESOCEM)
319Ethics & Human Rights in HealthTraining New Human Rights TrainersIFMSA
320Ethics & Human Rights in HealthHuman Rights for Medical Practitioners (HRMP): Advanced Training in Human Rights and Ethical Principles in Clinical SettingsIFMSA
321Ethics & Human Rights in HealthThe Green MeetingEcuador (AEMPPI-Ecuador)
322Ethics & Human Rights in HealthMedical Record: "Something More To Learn"Ecuador (AEMPPI-Ecuador)
323Ethics & Human Rights in HealthStill WaitingEcuador (AEMPPI-Ecuador)
325Ethics & Human Rights in HealthAdvocate for ethicsTunisia (Associa-Med)