Ethics and Human Rights in Health | Human Rights for Medical Practitioners

The Human Rights for Medical Practitioners workshop was an amazing experience for me. Human rights are my passion, so I spend a good amount of my time learning about human rights and discussing about them. And yet this workshop widen my vision like nothing else did. For three days with many amazing participants, I didn’t just got to learn all sorts new knowledge but also to practice it. We learned about right to health and discussed how to solve problems regarding access to health, we created our own countries and discussed how  IHL would be implemented in different setting, we gathered and discussed how IHL is being implemented in our countries, we learned about the sustainable development goals and what can we do to achieve the specific objectives, we had a refugee simulation and a debate where we tackled 3 different topics.


Every facilitator and participant who made this workshop possible, thank you for this bonding and life changing 3 days together.

Written by İdil Kına, Turkey

Mary Obi, Program Coordinator on Ethics and Human Rights in Health

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