Etege app is a guide to self-breast examination using an amharic (Ethiopian working language) speaking animation character called Etege which means “queen”. It was made to create a comprehensive material in our local language that people can understand and be informed about breast cancer and to make use of the smartphones we use every day to make an impact in women’s health. We also wanted to make women competent and familiar in performing regular self-breast examination and enable them to be in charge of their own health as well as to utilize the current technology available to reach out to the public and let them engage and be a part of our journey in making a difference through the application, it’s promotion and our social media campaigns.

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in ETHIOPIA constituting 33% of all cancers in women and 23% of all cancers in Ethiopia. Although the incidence is more common in developed nations, deaths due to breast cancer occur in developing countries. We wanted to decrease the number of deaths from breast cancer by promoting methods of early detection such as self-breast examination and regular screening and decrease the current level of misinformation.

Etege app has had 421 downloads on the first 4 weeks of it’s upload and major media coverage on television, radio, websites, and social media campaigns and was able to reach millions of people. We have been able to be advocates of the issue and make a difference in our community.
Etege is now available on Google play store and we are working on a second version with more local languages and IOS and tablet versions.

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