Erasmus Summerschool on Climate Change and Disaster Medicine – Netherlands (IFMSA-NL)

Name of the activity: Erasmus Summerschool on Climate Change and Disaster Medicine

Country/NMO: Netherlands (IFMSA-NL)

Program: Environment & Health


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

The Summerschool aims to create awareness in medical students about coping with health-related consequences of climate change, nuclear and natural disasters. The Summerschool will consist of lectures, workshops, case studies and excursions about Global Health, Climate Change and health impact, Migration and mental health problems. Before and after the Summerschool, participants are required to take a test measuring their knowledge. They also have to fill in an evaluation form on the organization of the summerschool in order to receive their certificate for participation.

Focus area:

Climate Change

Problem statement:

Between 1980 and 2012, more than 1.3billion life years were lost worldwide in internationally reported disasters, making for an annual average of 42million life years (Noy, I. et al; 2015). Next to that, economic losses are now reaching an average of US$300billion each year (UNISDR; 2015). In addition, the threat of Climate Change for our planet and the huge impact on environment and human health is obvious and alarming every day. Therefore, climate change mitigation and adaptation represent a non-regret necessity that takes the form of basic public requirements and efforts towards the SDGs: promotion of healthy lifestyles; use of sustainable clean energy sources; guarantee of food security, water and sanitation; clean air; early warning systems; vector control and disaster risk reduction.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Medical students: 25 participants
beneficiary: local/regional communities

Objectives and indicators of success:

Main objective
Create awareness in medical students about coping with health-related consequences of climate change, nuclear and natural disasters.
After participating in this Summerschool, students:
• are aware of the consequences of climate change on the population
• have more insight in the connection between climate and specific diseases
• are familiar with (increasing or decreasing) health problems related to climate change in different populations
• gain insight into the connection between natural disasters and climate change
• understand the coordination of emergency assistance for nuclear and natural disasters
• can act adequately in different emergency situations
• are aware of and can apply specific skills, techniques and treatment in different emergency situations.


7 day Summerschool, addressing topics as Global Health, Global Climate Change and health impact, Migration problems, nuclear issues and health, war, mental health problems,.
Several key note speakers from the IPPNW, MSF, PAX, the military, University Medical Centers in the Netherlands, etc. have been confirmed.
The participants will also be offered several case studies, workshops and excursions to relevant sights.

Plans for evaluation:

The participants will be asked to fill in an elaborate evaluation form in order to receive their certificate. This evaluation form will focus on the content and quality of the program but also on the organizational part of the Summerschool and improvements for next year. Participants will also take a test on their knowledge after the Summerschool and this will be compared to the test they took before the Summerschool started. The participants also have to take this test in order to receive their certificate. Afterwards, the OC will thoroughly evaluate the Summerschool.

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