Emergency Medicine Simulation Seminary – Italy (SISM)

Name of the activity: Emergency Medicine Simulation Seminary

Country/NMO: Italy (SISM)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

Our course will last 5 days and will cover ALS, CRM, Eco FAST and pracatical surgical activities such as PNX detension, Advanced medications, vascular accesses, BST. We will have a Bleeding control session held by American College of Surgeons teachers inside the “STOP THE BLEED PROJECT” and a Disaster Medicine Day held by SISM Italy Disaster trainers. We will give participants a basic knowledge of the main aspects of the Emergency and Disaster Medicine though the use of the Simulation in Medicine and the Italian experience in this field.

Focus area:

First Aid/CPR/BLS, Surgical Skills, Diagnostic measures, Doctor-Patient communication skills, Disaster Medicine

Problem statement:

Students generally lack of practice in emergency medicine. We think that it’s very important to know as the basical and the advanced techniques in EM. We will cath the opportunity of our Simulation Centre to provide participants an hands on activity in order to build their experience in emergency and disaster settings.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

We address our activity to medical students and young graduates. Since now we received applications from 4-5-6 year of medicine and from 2 medical doctors.

Objectives and indicators of success:

To improve medical students’ and young doctors knowledge about emergency and disaster medicine: we will reach this objective though our seminaries and practical workshops.
To improve soft skills in managing an emergency scenario: we will reach this objective through the simulation of situations and debriefing activities thanks to the simulation centre systems.
To promote group working: we will have a Crew Resource Management session during rhe seminary with practical scenario
To improve participants abilities: this is the main goal and the reason why we organizaed this winter course


We will provide front lessons held by Genoa University teachers expert in simulation and workshops where participants, divided into small working groups, can practise what they will learn from the teachers. There will be debriefing and evaluation sessions after any activity

Plans for evaluation:

We will provide them a stuctured evaluation form validated by the Italian Society of Medical Education to measure our objectives and monitoring their achievement

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