Emergencies in disasters and humanitarian actions – Venezuela (FEVESOCEM)

Name of the activity: Emergencies in disasters and humanitarian actions

Country/NMO: Venezuela (FEVESOCEM)

Program: Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop)


General description:

“Emergencies in disasters and humanitarian actions”, was a workshop dictated by Luis Torres, in the physical spaces of Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), through the development of the “X GA of FEVESOCEM”. It consists in some activities as trainings on first aid matters, CPR and the acute management of patients in emergencies triage. Therefore, it is important to highlight that the main topic of this workshop was “Humanitarian actions. We could see a positive correlation after the workshop, where the participants adquired enough knowledge to be promoters of this areas, and to be agents of change.

Focus area:

Disaster resilience (including prevention, preparedness and response)

Problem statement:

Humanitarian actions it’s an important subject because knowing about it would served as a guide about the functions and features of a good volunteer and how it should be done the support of our communities in case of a tragedy.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target group: Medical students
Beneficiaries: Medical students and their communities and risk population

Objectives and indicators of success:

1. Training medical students on disasters management and humanitarian actions. Indicator: Survey of knowledge pre workshop.
2. Organized a simulated practice for the participants to integrate the knowledge adquired during this activity to execute task and strategies to help them in to act as a volunteer in a determinate situation. Indicator: Evaluation test post workshop


This activity consisted in a workshop with theoretical and practice part about subjects as first aid matters, CPR and the acute management of patients in emergencies triage and humanitarian actions includings principles and how to be a good and resilient volunteer to benefits our community. We also talked about the emotional management during a tragedy. It includes a simulated practice to allow to integrate the knowledge adquired during 8 hours of workshop. This activity was dictated by Univ. Luis Torres, medical student and health emergencies technician from the European Union, on november 24 in the physical spaces of “Escuela José Maria Vargas” from “Universidad Central de Venezuela”

Plans for evaluation:

The evaluation consist in a survey pre-workshop about the subjects to discuss, obtaining an aprobatory qualification below 30 percent of the attendants.
This workshop has 38 participants
After the end of the activity, was applied a simulated practice and an evaluation test of 10 questions about the subjects of study, obtaining positive results (above 60 pts/100 pts) in 100% of the participants

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