Name of the activity: dr.human

Country/NMO: Iraq (IFMSA-Iraq)

Program: Health Systems

Contact information: [email protected] 009647903160596

Type of the activity: Third Party Activities. Supporting an individual or a group to tackle an issue, either in the form of fundraising (collecting money) or operative work (help with administrative tasks of other organizations or communities).

General description:

Vision:because of the high costs of checkup fees that poor

Patients can’t afford it, we decided to make it free to solve this

problem So my target is POOR PATIENTS.

Plan of action:The project mainly functions through

partnership with select doctors with private practices and

health care clinics, and let’s these health professionals

provide a select number of patients with free healthcare.

The patients acquire the healthcare service through using

specialized coupons, these one-time-use coupons are

provided by our team to those who needs them most, and

are cashed out at the private clinic.

Benefits :-1.To help poor patients .

2. improve the social image about thedoctors

(Greedy) in the society.

3. provide medical students with some contact

with the patientsand doctors in the community.

4. Incentivizedoctors on humanitarian work.

5. To promote the IFMSA among the medical

community and the society .

Focus area:

Rural/community health

Problem statement:

the problem is the increasing level of poverty among people , and in parallel the increasing prices of health services in all its forms ,making poor people forgetting about their illness and ignoring it .Another increase in the poor people category is due to the IDPs . which are our main concern in the moment .Another problem,is the bad reputation of the Iraqi doctor by his patients because of bad unprofessional behaviors by some of the doctors,that made the Iraqi patient lose trust in doctors.

Target groups:

General population, Doctors


General population, Doctors

Objectives and indicators of success:

1- to reach a large number of patients by the end of the term , which are IDPs and poor people at a rate of 1-2 campaigns/month.it is measurable by the number of coupons that we will use.it is achievable because there are many areas near and far from us who have our target group . it is realistic because we have already started and we reached in a month and a half duration , into checking 300 families .

2- to have a large network of doctors (400),350 dentists and labs (70 lab) and provide the most commonly used medicines in the cheapest prices , by the end of this term.It is measurable by the number of responsive doctors ,labs and medicines.it is achievable because these needs are available every where , we are just linking them to the people. It is realistic because in a one and a half month , we reached 60 doctors from all specialties and 7 labs.

Our indicators for success are : the response from the doctors them selves , . by increasing the number of doctors who are ready to cooperate ,and the number of students who want to join .by the patients them selves , because we have a special phone number just for the patients.and all these indicators have already started.


We will achieve them through linking the problem with the solution.

the links are the coupons , which are either a free check up coupon at a private doctor, treatment or a lab test or imaging ,treatment, lab and imaging or others.

These health services we gain through the students themselves most of the time,from their colleges,parents,or even sometimes as teams going to doctors directly.these coupons would be distributed through campaigns to the IDPs and poor areas.these campaigns are held every month,in these campaigns medical students from final stages+alumni to check up the patients and deciding what the patient needs,such as a check up coupon,a lab coupon,a treatment,etc.

This doesn’t end here , we keep our phone number open to the patients to ask anything , plus to the doctors , in case if they also want to ask anything , and to take feedback from them especially active ones whom coupons are being used a lot.

Plans for evaluation:

1- the doctors themselves , asking for their feedback , especially the active ones whom coupons are being used a lot . this is done through phone calls mostly (due to the short time benefit of the phone call) , or if time allows , through a direct meeting.

2- from the patients themselves though a special phone number that is designed just for them .

3-from the students ( the main team , or the campaigns teams) the students are most useful in knowing the degree of need of the place they visit , if it was so bad with no health facilities , or a good zone where only complicated cases are left to treat . this helps us in knowing if this place needs multiple visits more frequently.

4- the good reputation . if social media started to change from bad talk such as violence against doctors , to talking about our project , where it shows that there is still doctors with good deeds and intentions in refer to us , this means we reached to many people in the country .

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