Donate Life—Education on Organ Donation – China (IFMSA-China)

Name of the activity: Donate Life—Education on Organ Donation

Country/NMO: China (IFMSA-China)

Program: Organ, Marrow & Tissue Donation


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Research & Education


Focus area:

Organ donation

Problem statement:

There is a big gap between the organ demand and provide in China. Many people misunderstand the organ donation process. The others are affected by the traditional concept which makes them unwilling to donate their organs.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target groups are the college students. Beneficiaries are the public.

Objectives and indicators of success:

1. Develop a organ donation attitude scale that is suitable for Chinese people.
2. Evaluate the organ donation attitude of college students in Wuhan city.
3. Analyze the positive and negative factors affecting organ donation attitude of college students.
4. Develop a education brochure and a course set according to the research results. 5. Promote the courses nationwide.

Indicators: number of participants and a research report.


1. A research program is carried out in Nov 2017. We aim at developing a organ donation attitude scale for Chinese people which is an adaptation of the ODAS developed by Katz and Parision in 1986 and Owens in 1995. We use the simple randomized method and select 1000 college students in Wuhan, China, to collect our data.
2. After the data collection, we plan to analyze the data and find out the significant factors. With these outcomes we would like to write a report.
3. After the research, the small working group will develop a brochure and promote the OD course.

Plans for evaluation:

1. Evaluate the validity of our research. 2. Evaluate the impact of our research report. We plan to publish it on a domestic journal. 3. Collect feedbacks from our course participants.

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