What doesnt work in isolation works together.

Rex Crossley was the first President of IFMSA. When he and his co-founders went to create what we now know as IFMSA, they were spurred by the aftermath of World World II, a time in dire need of change. Their approach was simple: by having medical students from across countries exposed to each other be it by exchanges or by community projects, they sought to foster inter-cultural understanding, which they saw as crucial to not only secure lasting peace but also promote better health for everyone.

66 years later, we must realize that, with all our advances in peace and health, there is still a long road ahead of us. Peace building is as important as ever. Health inequalities exist throughout the world. What hasnt change though is that medical students have a crucial role to play in shaping world health.

To honor what members of our National Member Organizations are doing on a day-to-day basis on the local level, IFMSA introduced the Rex Crossley Award in March 2003. The award goes to IFMSAs most impactful Activities, showcasing the efforts on the international stage, hoping they are replicated throughout the world.

The delegates of the past March Meeting 2017 in Budva, Montenegro, once again had the pleasure to listen to the presentations of 10 outstanding projects. Every single one of them helps IFMSA achieve its mission, to shape a sustainable and healthy future.? It was, therefore, no easy task for the Standing Committee Directors and the other judges to name the three first placed Activities. It is therefore with great pleasure to award the following projects:

  • In 1st place, Dean Athru by AMSI-Ireland
  • In 2nd place, National Smoking Awareness Campaign: Put It Out! by IFMSA-Jordan
  • In 3rd place, The Immuno Project by SloMSIC-Slovenia.

Kevin McMahon, the coordinator of Dan Athr, points out that his project is a prime example of how the RCA can inspire medical students: Given that our project really found its true rhythm and meaning following our attendance at the project presentations in Malta, to see our public health project come full circle into what it is today is a proud moment for all involved. Ahmad Abbadi, coordinator of Put it Out!, adds that Having the recognition from IFMSA is something we have always dreamed of, and it ignites a flame to continue our work. But after all, all coordinators have clearly shown that still, the most rewarding work is within the Activity itself. In the words of Eva Vr?aj, coordinator of The Immuno Project: “Informing target groups about the importance of vaccination and gaining people’s trust are two main aspects that mean the most to me.

We would like to congratulate not only the winners but all Activity Coordinators for their great presentations and outstanding work. We would like to share with you the presentations of all presented Activities (click here). Dont hesitate to get in touch with anyone of them; help them spread their Activity to your NMO.

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